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Wine and wellbeing: ‘Take two litres and call me in the morning… ’

As the saying goes, ‘the poison is in the dose’ and medical practitioners in bygone days certainly had an unconventional approach by today’s standards to the use of alcohol for ailing patients. The ongoing chatter and conflicting ‘evidence’ that appears regularly through one study or another regarding the benefits or lack thereof of consuming small…

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Shape-shifting parasites that move with the times

The recent controversies surrounding vaping provide an unwelcome confusion around smoking cessation efforts. Most physicians whose opinion I have asked on the usefulness of vaping take the sensible attitude of ‘anything is better than smoking tobacco’. This, I believe, emphasises the practical approach of the modern doctor who is interested in risk reduction. However, those…

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Dinosaurs eating homework

Dinosaurs eating homework — reeling in the years on smoking cessation As I browsed through the usual press releases that trickle through my inbox — ‘Company X expanding market to China’; ‘Drug X discontinued’; Minister Harris says ‘everything will be grand’’; etc — one in particular caught my eye, as I was convinced it was…

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The case of the psychiatrist who wasn’t

An unqualified disaster — the case of the psychiatrist who wasn’t A case was reported in UK news recently that may serve as a warning about the usefulness of box-ticking exercises as a means of assessing the quality of a process or a professional healthcare provider. In a hugely embarrassing episode for the NHS, and…

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