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‘Lack of confidence’ in cytogenetics service – haematologists

By Paul Mulholland | April 15, 2021

The Irish Haematology Society (IHS) wrote to the HSE National Director of Acute Operations last year to express a “lack of confidence in the current cytogenetics service available to adult patients with haematological cancers”, the Medical Independent (MI) can report. The letter, which was sent on 8 May 2020 and obtained by…

Concerns raised in audit of DNA collection company arrangements

IMO President to highlight discrimination faced by female doctors

‘Startling’ wellbeing responses in EM doctors survey

Action plan awaited on VTEC public health threat


The future of emergency departments post-Covid

Covid-19 has caused significant changes in how emergency departments (EDs) are configured due to infection control guidelines. David Lynch examines the potential long-term impact of the pandemic on EDs and emergency medicine

GPs advised to ‘store’ AstraZeneca vaccine pending further updates

Apr 15, 2021

Haematologists call for ‘fundamental change’ to cytogenetics service

Apr 15, 2021

Stepping inside The Ministry of Bodies

Apr 15, 2021

Mapping future viral threats

Apr 15, 2021


Dr Lucia Gannon

The age of anxieties


Dr Muiris Houston

The ‘open notes’ revolution


Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

Throwing those curtains wide open

Clinical help in the healing process

By UCD Charles Institute Seminar Series

Blood Cancer Network Ireland update

By Dr Agnieszka Kwiatkowska, Dr Eva Szegezdi and Dr Janusz Krawczyk

Perspectives in therapy of multiple myeloma, 2021

By Dr Janusz Krawczyk

VW’s entry into the compact SUV market is refined, smooth, and stable

For many years saloon cars have dominated the car market. Whether it is the VW Beetle Golf, Ford Escort, Focus or otherwise, it is generally a saloon or more recently (in the grand scheme of things) the hatchback. Golf was VW’s bestseller, but now the Tiguan, aka – the SUV Golf – has taken over.…

In the eye of the Covid-19 storm

“You know you are desperate when you are actually looking at a second-hand monkey ventilator and thinking, is there any way we can use this?” It is a line worthy of a JG Ballard novel – 22nd century survivor of ecological disaster scours dystopian cityscape for booty – but it was spoken in March 2020…

The divisive taste of liquorice

Liquorice is one of those flavours about which nobody seems to be neutral. You either like it or hate it. I’ve never heard anyone say that they can take it or leave it. In fact, I have a feeling that the majority of the Irish population gives it a very wide berth. There are very…

A talk with … Bianca Divito


Lead artist at Divito Studios, Bianca Divito is an award-winning stained-glass designer and conservator, hailing from Co Wicklow. Having worked on the conservation of priceless stained glass windows throughout Europe, her deep understanding of her craft led her to experiment with outdoor installations, as well as innovative techniques and materials — including airbrushing, Swarovski crystals…

Mindo Cartoon – 19 April 2021

A funny old profession – court jesters ‘fools’, clowns… and medical practitioners

A round-up of news and oddities from left field by Dr Doug Witherspoon It really is a tired old cliché that ‘laughter is the best medicine’, but it also contains a grain of truth. Laughter has long been used, wittingly or otherwise, to break the tension in a stressful situation. I’m sure you too have…

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