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Career breaks under consideration for staff due to Covid impact

By Paul Mulholland | June 4, 2021

The HSE has listed ‘career breaks’ as one of a range of potential supports for employees as a result of the significant strain of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is despite an acknowledgement that adequate staffing is the biggest challenge in the restoration of regular healthcare services this year. In a recent document…

Low number of complaints about doctors from employers – Council

Failure to attract consultants to ‘peripheral’ hospitals

DoH in ‘bilateral’ discussions on new AI strategy

31 individuals may be affected by ‘breast implant illness’


An eye on AI

With a national artificial intelligence (AI) strategy imminent and an increasing number of AI health projects underway in Ireland, David Lynch looks at recent trends in the area and what the future promises

Dr Tony Holohan receives Honorary Fellowship from RCSI

Jun 10, 2021

Continued strides in HIV treatment

Jun 4, 2021

Time for a change – the fight to keep non-EU doctors in the health service

Jun 4, 2021

Epileptologists seek inclusion of purified CBD product in State programme

Jun 4, 2021


Dr Christine O'Malley

File it under ‘maybe’


Dr Muiris Houston

Lost in translation


Dr Neasa Conneally

How much does industry influence how we prescribe?

Asthma and allergic rhinitis

By Ruth Morrow

Allergic rhinitis in focus

By Theresa Lowry-Lehnen

Fishing for answers on melanocytes and melanoma

By UCD Charles Institute Seminar Series

Changing how we think about cancer

Writing in the journal Cell (2014, 157: 267–271), biologist Robert Weinberg “lamented that cancer research was held in ‘ill-disguised contempt’ and that “one should never, ever confuse cancer research with science!’”. This far-from-ringing endorsement of the lack of progress in what has been called “the last great medical mystery” is cited in Dr Jason Fung’s…

Refreshed Ateca for all your family car needs

Back in 2017 I road-tested the SEAT Ateca FR for the Medical Independent. It was a sporty affair, with huge wheels, Alcantara seats, a sleek body and a very responsive, sprightly motor. At the time I found it to be a real ‘blow your skirt up’ introduction to SEAT’s first crossover. Now, five years after…

On the complexity of calories

Can you remember what a calorie is? Let me see. My recollection is that it’s the energy required to raise the temperature of a litre of water by… er… um… a certain amount? So, clearly I had to check and it turns out that it’s the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of…

IMO AGM 2021- Female doctors predominant in reporting difficulty securing childcare


IMO AGM 2021, Virtual Conference, 17 April Read the full IMO AGM 2021 coverage here Females were predominant among the 66 per cent of doctors who reported difficulty securing childcare during the pandemic, according to responses to an IMO survey on doctors’ mental health and wellbeing. Six-in-10 of the 66 per cent of respondents to…

Mindo Cartoon – 10 June 2021

Current affairs – new research shows that Nikola Tesla is the gift that keeps giving

A round-up of news and oddities from left field by Dr Doug Witherspoon It’s so easy to take the genius of Nikola Tesla for granted, even now. A man of modest means and demeanour who regularly had his inventions hijacked and patented by the likes of Edison, Tesla was, you could say, ‘no ordinary genius’.Learned…

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