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Almost 1,000 reported cases of ‘occupational Covid’ in HCWs

By Catherine Reilly | July 15, 2021

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has been notified of 992 occupational cases of Covid-19 in healthcare workers (HCWs) from November to July. However, data held by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), covering a similar period, indicates the number of workplace-acquired cases in healthcare is significantly higher. A spokesperson for the…

Potential complaints about delayed care – RCSI Council

Drop in HCV treatments

109 consultants not on specialist register

‘Complex’ transfer of disability remit ongoing


Under cyberattack: Lessons to be learned

The effect of the cyberattack on the Irish health service continues to be felt by doctors and healthcare teams. David Lynch examines the impact to date and lessons from the crisis

DoH ‘has policy discretion’ on training access for ‘stamp 4’ doctors

Jul 30, 2021

Late restoration of overtime payment ‘frustrating’ – IMO

Jul 30, 2021

All in the Games – interview with Team Ireland’s CMO

Jul 15, 2021

The right direction for cancer data

Jul 15, 2021


Dr Muiris Houston

What's in a medical name?


Dr Gabrielle Colleran

Opportunity offered in consultant contract negotiations needs to be grasped


Dr Neasa Conneally

How much does industry influence how we prescribe?

Baseline medication use is associated with Covid-19 severity in people with rheumatic diseases

By Priscilla Lynch

Decline in excess risk of dementia and heart failure in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

By Priscilla Lynch

Pregnancy outcomes are affected by both maternal and paternal inflammatory disease

By Priscilla Lynch

Elsewhere – an opera about the ‘Monaghan Asylum Soviet’


Michael Gallen’s new production is an extraordinary reminder of an extraordinary time, writes Prof Brendan Kelly Elsewhere, a new opera by Michael Gallen, will premiere at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin in November.The opera is loosely based on the history of the ‘Monaghan Asylum Soviet’ that was established at St Davnet’s in 1919. The story…

Terroir – the future of whiskey


Thanks to the vision of Groupe Pernod-Ricard back in the 1980s, Irish whiskey was saved from virtual extinction and is now one of the fastest growing drinks sectors in the world. They put Jameson front and centre of their push to make Irish whiskey an international phenomenon rather than a fusty curiosity. And now, whiskey…

Space and safety in SEAT’s family-friendly Tarraco

I’m writing this feature from the back seat of SEAT’s terrific seven-seat Tarraco FR in a car park overlooking the lightly lapping waves of a calm Dublin bay. Not only is this SUV exceptionally comfortable, it’s also proven large enough to be a more than adequate home office. The Tarraco is a full-size SUV, so…

Changing how we think about cancer

Writing in the journal Cell (2014, 157: 267–271), biologist Robert Weinberg “lamented that cancer research was held in ‘ill-disguised contempt’ and that “one should never, ever confuse cancer research with science!’”. This far-from-ringing endorsement of the lack of progress in what has been called “the last great medical mystery” is cited in Dr Jason Fung’s…

Mindo Cartoon – 22 July 2021

When the truth hurts: Lies, damn lies, and patient consultations

Along with lawyers, the police, and judges, doctors must be one of the most lied-to professions. As you know, some patients may happily tell you whatever it is they think you want to hear, perhaps to avoid some kind of embarrassment related to their personal habits or a treatment they would rather not have. A…

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