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Historic day for Irish general practice as transfer of GP training from HSE to ICGP approved by board

By Reporter | October 19, 2021

Effective from midnight 18 October 2021, the full responsibility for general practice training has transferred to the ICGP, as the postgraduate training body (PGTB). On Saturday 16 October, the board of the ICGP gave formal approval to the transfer of general practice training from the HSE to the ICGP. This was the…

State Claims Agency reassured RCSI about Covid litigation

Medical Council suggests vacancies should reflect diversity

‘Significant unrest’ among trainees over draft consultant contract

Cyberattack had ‘catastrophic’ effect on CHI services

Pictured at the IHCA AGM and Annual Conference, which took place on 9 October, are (L to R): Prof Rob Landers, IHCA Vice President; Prof Alan Irvine, IHCA President; Mr Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health; and Dr Gabrielle Colleran, IHCA Vice President

A looming catastrophe for healthcare in Afghanistan

Oct 13, 2021

Improvement in succession planning following CAAC concerns

Oct 13, 2021

Increase in capacity priority before extension of free GP care – IMO

Oct 13, 2021

Capacity expansion and consultant appointments are crucial to care provision – IHCA

Oct 12, 2021

Novel treatment effective against OAB in phase 2 study

By Priscilla Lynch

Patients with Covid-19 develop new OAB symptoms

By Priscilla Lynch

Studies show exercise improves urinary incontinence

By Priscilla Lynch

The key lessons for a happy life

Decades ago, during an idyllic camping trip to Finland and Norway, my wife and I lost a purse. At Tromsø Police Station a smiling officer transcribed our statement into Norwegian; I signed it… then he guffawed: “Hjör! Hjör! Hjör!” We stared at him. “You’ve just sold me your house!” he exclaimed. Our laughter erupted, mine…

Unfashionable cuts that will make your mouth water


It’s now over 10 years ago when restaurants, reacting to the global financial crisis, started to pretend that slow-cooked pork belly is posh. And despite its subsequent ubiquity, it’s still pretty cheap. Unfashionable cuts of meat, like pork belly, which is otherwise destined to be turned into streaky bacon, are the saviours of restaurants that…

Devour those country roads in Ford’s Ranger Thunder


If ever there was a time to put on a baseball cap and set your Spotify to Garth Brooks songs, driving the Ford Ranger Thunder is just that occasion. The Ranger Thunder also has the honour of being the first pickup truck tested for the intrepid readers of the Medical Independent. If you like fishing,…

Changing how we think about cancer

Writing in the journal Cell (2014, 157: 267–271), biologist Robert Weinberg “lamented that cancer research was held in ‘ill-disguised contempt’ and that “one should never, ever confuse cancer research with science!’”. This far-from-ringing endorsement of the lack of progress in what has been called “the last great medical mystery” is cited in Dr Jason Fung’s…

Mindo Cartoon – 18 October 2021


Research designed to raise a few eyebrows


This issue’s offering compiles for you a round-up of some of the more unusual research and strange events that have transpired in recent weeks. Our world is only partially recognisable from what it was like 18 months ago, but strangeness remains a constant. We begin with research that was first published in the Journal of…

Update Journal – Endocrinology and Diabetology

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