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Position of Food Safety Authority of Ireland ‘being eroded’

By Catherine Reilly | April 6, 2021

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) cannot respond to the growing number and complexity of food safety risks without additional resourcing, and its position is being “eroded”, heard a special meeting of its board. The FSAI is responsible for a range of functions to ensure food safety, including managing risks in…

Hepatitis C treatment numbers fell sharply in 2020

Council ‘monitoring’ developments following RTÉ programme

HSE Service Plan may need early review

PPE guidance revision not currently proposed


Walking the hard road to HCV elimination

Amid a considerable decline in people accessing hepatitis C treatment in 2020, clinicians and community workers warnthat more needs to be done to identify those requiring care, who often live on the margins of society. Catherine Reilly reports

Devastating impact of gender inequality highlighted in new report

Apr 14, 2021

HIQA advises NPHET on policies for healthcare personnel who do not avail of Covid-19 vaccination

Apr 14, 2021

New gynaecology unit at Rotunda to provide increased access to vital services

Apr 12, 2021

ICGP training transfer set in motion

Apr 6, 2021


Dr Pat Harrold

Why the Hippocratic oath is a load of nonsense


Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

Throwing those curtains wide open


Dr Muiris Houston

What does the experience of Covid-19 have to teach us?

Paradigm shifts in the management of breast cancer

By Dr Esam Abdelaal

Melanoma: An overview

By Theresa Lowry Lehnen, RGN

Treatment resistance in malignant melanoma

By UCD Charles Institute Seminar Series

The Hybrid BMW Conundrum


I fell in love with BMW’s 330e last year after my road test for the Medical Independent. So you will understand my excitement when I found out that I was to be given the keys to the new 530e. BMW’s flagship executive saloon, the 5-Series, is considered the cream of the crop by many, while…

The divisive taste of liquorice

Liquorice is one of those flavours about which nobody seems to be neutral. You either like it or hate it. I’ve never heard anyone say that they can take it or leave it. In fact, I have a feeling that the majority of the Irish population gives it a very wide berth. There are very…

Life and death (and the absurd) in a modern hospital

Many years ago, a physician with whom I trained stopped in the middle of award round, turned to the assembled team and made one of his occasionalpronouncements. “Modern medicine,” he proclaimed, “is an extraordinary mix of breath-taking efficiency and heart-stopping absurdity. In the no-man’s land between these extremes, medicine happens. I have no idea how…

A talk with … Bianca Divito


Lead artist at Divito Studios, Bianca Divito is an award-winning stained-glass designer and conservator, hailing from Co Wicklow. Having worked on the conservation of priceless stained glass windows throughout Europe, her deep understanding of her craft led her to experiment with outdoor installations, as well as innovative techniques and materials — including airbrushing, Swarovski crystals…

Memories are made of this…

A round-up of news and oddities from left field by Dr Doug Witherspoon Do you remember what you ate for dinner two days ago? How about three weeks and two days ago, or four years, three months and 25 days ago? If the answer to the latter is ‘yes’, you may have hyperthymesia, otherwise known…

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