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Autumn medical graduates ‘struggling’ due to lack of intern places

By Catherine Reilly | October 12, 2020

Doctors who graduated from medical schools in autumn are “jobless” and “struggling” as there is no second entry point to intern year, a representative for the group has said. One of the affected doctors told the Medical Independent (MI) they are aware of approximately 25 doctors who deferred their final-year exams, which…

83 fitness to practise cases await hearing

Alternative pathways into GP training being examined

HPSC Director role filled on interim basis pending reforms

More vaccine storage capacity by end of year


When the race for a vaccine is over

The Covid-19 vaccine race is a global news story. But what happens if and when a vaccine is developed? David Lynch looks at looming challenges of access, availability, and distribution

Medical scientists vote to ballot for industrial action if progress not made on pay dispute

Oct 19, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Private hospitals set to reject additional capacity proposal

Oct 16, 2020

Addressing global inequalities in health – a reflection on World Anaesthesia Day 2020

Oct 12, 2020

Coming to America: The contribution of immigrant healthcare workers

Oct 12, 2020


Dr Gabrielle Colleran

Let's not rush to judgement and instead reflect on our own privilege


Dr Muiris Houston

The improbable side of medical research

Male LUTS due to BPO: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

By Dr Michel De Wildt

Adolescent and transitional urology

By Dr Fardod O'Kelly

Ending Ireland’s cancer patient paradox

By Ger Brennan

Male LUTS due to BPO: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

By Dr Michel De Wildt

A smart, electric offering from Volkswagen


If you were living off the planet you have probably never heard of Covid-19 or the Volkswagen (VW) ID3. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little; one isn’t very welcome, but the other certainly is. Why 3? Because the first was the VW Beetle (total sales 23 million), the second was the Golf (total sales 35 million),…

The charm of the fictional psychopath

Title: ‘Psychopath? Why We Are Charmed by the Anti-Hero’ Author: Dr Stephen McWilliams Publisher: Mercier Press 2020 Reviewer: Prof Brendan Kelly In real life, psychopaths commonly leave a trail of terrible destruction in their wake: Emotional chaos, financial ruin and – in the worst cases – the obliteration of innocent lives. In fiction and film,…

The Demonisation of Fat


I inherited my love of cooking and gardening very definitely from my mother. My obsession with secondhand bookshops came from my father, along with another unconscious bequest: A small appetite, especially for a male somewhat over six feet tall in old money. My mother’s approach to food was always generous. Her philosophy in the kitchen…

A talk with … Bianca Divito


Lead artist at Divito Studios, Bianca Divito is an award-winning stained-glass designer and conservator, hailing from Co Wicklow. Having worked on the conservation of priceless stained glass windows throughout Europe, her deep understanding of her craft led her to experiment with outdoor installations, as well as innovative techniques and materials — including airbrushing, Swarovski crystals…

If people are not sick with Covid-19, they are probably sick of it

The Dorsal View- a round-up of medical news and oddities from left filed by Dr Doug Witherspoon It can be interpreted as a good or a bad sign that ‘coronavirus burnout’ or ‘pandemic fatigue’ are things that people now have to deal with. With the pandemic showing little sign of slowing down, the general public…

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