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    No happy New Year wishes from Taoiseach

    Paul Mulholland | 15 Nov 2018

    Remember January 2015? That month, the annual emergency department (ED) crisis hit hospitals harder than usual. The number of patients on trolleys in hospitals across Ireland reached a record number of 601 on 6 January (an unwanted record that has since been broken). Patients and healthcare staff looked to the HSE and the Minister for Health for a solution to the crisis. But the Minister at the time, Leo Varadkar, was nowhere to be found. Mr Varadkar had escaped the harshness of the Irish winter and was on a sun holiday in Miami.

  • Dr Lucia Gannon

    A bridge too far

    Dr Lucia Gannon | 15 Nov 2018

    Dr Lucia Gannon argues that the structural integrity of general practice has been irreparably compromised by deliberately destructive Government policies

  • George Winter

    More than an endurance test

    George Winter | 15 Nov 2018

    Running is a great way of keeping fit, but George Winter asks whether marathons are for everyone and if there could be adverse health consequences for ageing athletes

  • Guest Columnist

    Equating pilots and doctors can fly in the face of common sense

    Dr Muiris Houston | 15 Nov 2018

    While there are lessons that medicine can learn from aviation, there are also significant differences between the disciplines, writes Dr Muiris Houston

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  • Editorial

    Values cannot be viewed in isolation

    Paul Mulholland | 05 Nov 2018

    During the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012, an entire segment was devoted to the NHS. The decision was taken by the ceremony’s director to protest the cuts being made to the health service by the Tory-led government. The decision to showcase the NHS in such a high profile event was also indicative of the special place it holds within British society.

  • Guest Columnist

    The future of mental healthcare in Ireland

    Prof Brendan Kelly | 05 Nov 2018

    Although reports on the Irish mental health service are nothing new, Prof Brendan Kelly believes there is value in the new document published by the Oireachtas Joint Committee

  • Guest Columnist

    Irish health system is not a ‘basket case’

    Brian Turner | 05 Nov 2018

    Brian Tuner provides a comparison of international health systems and finds that while Ireland’s funding model is unusual, it is facing the same challenges as other countries

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    The importance of the Hidden Curriculum

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 05 Nov 2018

    General practice is essential to connect different parts of the health service, but this work is often unacknowledged, according to Dr Christine O’Malley

  • Editorial

    Getting clinical audit right requires time

    Paul Mulholland | 25 Oct 2018

    The benefits of clinical audit have been much discussed in recent months in reference to CervicalCheck. Throughout the controversy, medical professionals stressed repeatedly the necessity of audit to benchmark quality and help service improvement. While regret has been expressed about how the audit results were communicated to the women, the importance of doing audits was highlighted again and again.

  • Dr Pat Harrold

    A new service for a New Year is not the best of timing

    Dr Pat Harrold | 25 Oct 2018

    The Minister of Health will have his work cut out ensuring a fit-for-purpose abortion service will be up and running by the beginning of 2019, according to Dr Pat Harrold

  • Guest Columnist

    Fighting for fairness and equality

    Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon | 25 Oct 2018

    Specialties with the highest proportion of women tend not to be the highest-earning and this needs to change, writes Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

  • Guest Columnist

    A new fragmented era for primary care

    Dr Muiris Houston | 25 Oct 2018

    In his first column on his return to the Medical Independent, Dr Muiris Houston writes that the old days of general practice are gone for good

  • Editorial

    A health policy collision course?

    Paul Mulholland | 15 Oct 2018

    On Drivetime recently, there was a discussion about how the Government’s commitments on climate change were at odds with their plans for agriculture. According to the argument, the EU target to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 compared to 2005 levels, which Ireland has signed up to, is in direct contradiction with the plans for agricultural expansion contained in the Government’s Harvest 2020 strategy. Such policy clashes are not unusual, as different branches of Government have their own agendas. But there can also be different policy agendas within the same sector, which are ideologically and practically irreconcilable.

  • Dr Lucia Gannon

    It’s for WIMIN going places

    Dr Lucia Gannon | 15 Oct 2018

    Women in medicine often face particular challenges, but it is important to recognise when your own beliefs are holding you back, writes Dr Lucia Gannon

  • George Winter

    Reflections on pornography

    George Winter | 15 Oct 2018

    When does eroticism become pornography, asks George Winter

  • Guest Columnist

    A duty of care

    Dr Tadhg O'Carroll | 15 Oct 2018

    With the upcoming third anniversary of the loss of 10 members of the Travelling community following a fire at a Carrickmines halting site, Dr Tadhg O’Carroll stresses the need to deploy resources to meet the health, accommodation and educational requirements of Travellers

  • Editorial

    Reduction in sepsis-related deaths is to be welcomed

    Paul Mulholland | 04 Oct 2018

    Good news stories are a rare thing in Irish healthcare, at least from a media perspective. It is in the nature of news outlets (present company included) to focus on problems. Also, chronic emergency department overcrowding and large waiting lists, which have not been helped by a prolonged recruitment crisis, mean the positives are difficult to see.

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    Getting to the heart of the Scally report

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 04 Oct 2018

    Dr Christine O’Malley finds much to contemplate in the final report of the Scoping Inquiry into CervicalCheck

  • Guest Columnist

    The burning issue in healthcare

    Dr Paddy Barrett | 04 Oct 2018

    Dr Paddy Barrett writes that physician burnout is a quality and safety issue and that mindfulness classes are not the answer

  • Guest Columnist

    Memoirs of madness and recovery

    Prof Brendan Kelly | 04 Oct 2018

    Personal accounts of mental illness are extremely valuable to gain a greater understanding of psychological suffering, according to Prof Brendan Kelly

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