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  • Editorial

    Transparency — what’s sauce for the goose...

    Paul Mulholland | 24 Sep 2018

    Following the publication of the Scally report, there has been renewed focus on the issue of open disclosure in the health service. Given the unacceptable comments many of the women at the heart of the inquiry received from medical professionals about their audit results, a push for greater transparency is not only understandable, but necessary.

  • Dr Lucia Gannon

    Allowing doctors not to be doctors

    Dr Lucia Gannon | 24 Sep 2018

    Simply having a medical degree and a stethoscope does not mean that doctors are always open for business, writes Dr Lucia Gannon

  • Dr Pat Harrold

    Surgeons, leprechauns and gallstones

    Dr Pat Harrold | 24 Sep 2018

    Dr Pat Harrold ruminates on how the old ways of the surgeon are becoming the stuff of myth

  • Guest Columnist

    Should patients with anorexia ever be force-fed?

    Prof Seamus O'Mahony | 24 Sep 2018

    Prof Seamus O’Mahony questions the controversial practice of force-feeding anorexic patients

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  • Editorial

    Questions remain following pay review

    Paul Mulholland | 13 Sep 2018

    How much are pay issues contributing to recruitment difficulties within the health service? If you ask the IHCA and the IMO, they say salary cuts are the main reason why there are so many consultant vacancies. In particular, the medical representative bodies have pointed to the new-entrant salary cut imposed in 2012 as the main current recruitment obstacle. Yet, according to the Pay Commission, established to examine recruitment and retention issues in the healthcare sector, current pay arrangements are not “a significant impediment to recruitment” in themselves. For example, for NCHDs, the report states that implementation of recommendations from the Seventh Assessment of NCHD Posts on issues such as protected training time and transfer of tasks will have a positive impact on recruitment.

  • George Winter

    The complex ethics of clinical publication

    George Winter | 13 Sep 2018

    Medical journal editors have a serious ethical responsibility and need to be well-informed about the research they publish, writes George Winter

  • Guest Columnist

    Analysing Ireland’s health spending

    Brian Turner | 13 Sep 2018

    Brian Turner finds plenty of interesting results in an examination of recent healthcare expenditure data

  • Guest Columnist

    We’re all going on a summer holiday...

    Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon | 13 Sep 2018

    Vacations are not without worries, despite what the song says, according to Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

  • Editorial

    Responding to CPE

    Paul Mulholland | 03 Sep 2018

    HIQA announced last week that recent inspections have found some hospitals are not compliant with HSE screening guidelines for carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) superbugs. The continued lack of compliance is particularly concerning given CPE was declared a national emergency in 2017.

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    Once a doctor…

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 03 Sep 2018

    Medical life is so intense and all-absorbing it takes over everything and then it’s gone, writes Dr Christine O’Malley

  • Dr Paul Heslin

    Taxation without services

    Dr Paul Heslin | 03 Sep 2018

    While taxes are inevitable, the services that they are supposed to pay for are not, writes Dr Paul Heslin

  • Editorial

    Making training count

    Catherine Reilly | 23 Aug 2018

    Interns being asked to perform duties above their grade.

  • Dr Lucia Gannon

    Hats off to logical thinking on resigning from the GMS

    Dr Lucia Gannon | 23 Aug 2018

    Resilience allows us to survive and thrive, but it does not tackle the underlying problem of abuse of GPs by Government, writes Dr Lucia Gannon

  • Neasa Conneally

    Change — the only constant for doctors

    Dr Neasa Conneally | 23 Aug 2018

    Dr Neasa Conneally on an annual event that continues to come as a complete shock to ‘the system’

  • Guest Columnist

    The ‘sanctuary’ of choice and liberty

    Prof Brendan Kelly | 23 Aug 2018

    Having the freedom to make your own choices when you have a disability is an issue of great relevance in contemporary Ireland, writes Prof Brendan Kelly

  • Dr Pat Harrold

    Fantasy, flying broomsticks and forces of good and evil

    Dr Pat Harrold | 09 Aug 2018

    Reading Harry Potter books gives Dr Pat Harrold some much-needed hope for the future

  • George Winter

    Should tattoos be taboo for doctors?

    George Winter | 09 Aug 2018

    George Winter asks whether doctors who have tattoos undermine the confidence of their patients

  • Guest Columnist

    What do we really know about abortion?

    Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon | 09 Aug 2018

    Following on from the referendum, Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon writes that there are no simple answers when it comes to providing medical abortion services

  • Editorial

    Time for a new vision

    Paul Mulholland | 09 Aug 2018

    At the turn of the millennium, it was recognised that Ireland’s mental health service needed an overhaul. The process of admitting patients into psychiatric institutions was strongly criticised for not only lacking in transparency, but also for contravening human rights. The Mental Health Act 2001 was introduced to rectify this. At the time of its introduction, the Act was acknowledged as a significant legislative step in advancing human rights protections for these patients. The Act was enacted five years before the publication of A Vision for Change, which also aimed to bring Ireland’s mental health services into the modern world. The mental health strategy sought to transform the existing institutional model of care into one based in the community, and recommended an integrated multidisciplinary approach to addressing the different factors that contribute to mental health problems.

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    The village people

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 19 Jul 2018

    Dr Christine O’Malley muses about the comforts of village life

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