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  • Editorial

    Moving on from the Eighth

    Paul Mulholland | 07 Jun 2018

    The decision by the majority of Irish voters to remove the Eighth Amendment from the Constitution and liberalise abortion law in Ireland has seismic consequences.

  • George Winter

    The ugly side of athletics

    George Winter | 07 Jun 2018

    George Winter argues that proposed regulations on hyperandrogenism are blatantly discriminatory

  • Guest Columnist

    Mindfulness and being useful rather than right

    Prof Brendan Kelly | 07 Jun 2018

    Although mindfulness is a valuable and important psychological technique, it is only one element of a rich Buddhist tradition, writes Prof Brendan Kelly

  • Guest Columnist

    In search of lost time

    Dr Paddy Barrett | 07 Jun 2018

    The treatment of pain and the reduction of suffering are key pillars of what we aim to achieve as physicians, writes Dr Paddy Barrett

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  • Editorial

    A hot topic in healthcare

    Paul Mulholland | 28 May 2018

    At recent clinical conferences, tucked in among presentations on the latest innovative research and guides to best practice, a topic was discussed that did not require the usual data-rich tables. The lack of complicated charts or graphs to underscore the message, however, does not imply unimportance.

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    Getting to the bottom of the smear campaign

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 28 May 2018

    Dr Christine O’Malley takes a look back at the decision to outsource cervical smears to the US and finds many questions to be answered

  • Dr Paul Heslin

    A crash-course in calm

    Dr Paul Heslin | 28 May 2018

    Following a minor road traffic accident, Dr Paul Heslin reflects on the importance of staying in the here-and-now

  • Guest Columnist

    Long-term thinking

    Dr Brian Turner | 28 May 2018

    Sláintecare offers a positive roadmap for the health service but requires sufficient funding to succeed, writes Brian Turner

  • Editorial

    A controversy that shows no sign of going away

    Paul Mulholland | 17 May 2018

    Two issues ago, on this page, the topic of cancer screening was raised. Since then, the news pages have been filled with the fallout of the CervicalCheck controversy. The scandal has caused enormous distress to the women involved and has resulted in the Clinical Director of the programme and the Director General of the HSE losing their jobs.

  • George Winter

    Morality during war-time

    George Winter | 17 May 2018

    Human rights should take precedence over national sovereignty, writes George Winter

  • Dr Lucia Gannon

    A new kind of ‘rural’ practice

    Dr Lucia Gannon | 17 May 2018

    Dr Lucia Gannon considers an emerging challenge for rural general practice from different perspectives

  • Dr Pat Harrold

    More than a gate-keeper

    Dr Pat Harrold | 17 May 2018

    Dr Pat Harrold believes consultants could take lessons from GPs on how to talk to patients

  • Dr Paul Heslin

    The sordid truth

    Dr Paul Heslin | 07 May 2018

    Life is often messy, despite our attempts to sanitise reality, writes Dr Paul Heslin

  • Editorial

    The value of experience

    Paul Mulholland | 07 May 2018

    Co-location. Universal health insurance. A new GP contract. Individual Health Identifiers.

  • Guest Columnist

    The psychological legacy of the Great Hunger

    Prof Brendan Kelly | 07 May 2018

    Prof Brendan Kelly examines the impact of the Famine on mental illness in Ireland

  • Dr Pat Harrold

    In search of gravitas

    Dr Pat Harrold | 26 Apr 2018

    Dr Pat Harrold has noticed that the best presenters on garden and cookery shows are rarely follicly challenged

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    A welcome return

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 26 Apr 2018

    The IMO AGM provided Dr Christine O’Malley with the opportunity to catch up with old friends and gain different perspectives on the health service

  • George Winter

    Dual loyalty conflicts in medicine

    George Winter | 26 Apr 2018

    George Winter delves into the conflicts between patient autonomy, medical ethics and political jurisdictions

  • Editorial

    To screen or not to screen

    Paul Mulholland | 26 Apr 2018

    Health screening is not a clear-cut issue. While identifying diseases at an early stage is a priority for all good health services, the negatives of screening are sometimes found to outweigh the benefits. One negative might be the discovery of false-positives, leading to unnecessary treatment. In cancer, tumours could be detected that were never going to cause harm. This can cause great emotional distress for patients.

  • Editorial

    A meeting of minds

    Catherine Reilly | 16 Apr 2018

    The IMO AGM in Killarney earlier this month provided an ample forum for discussing the ‘big ticket’ issues that stalk the profession: FEMPI, recruitment and retention, capacity and contracts.

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