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GPs and the challenge of frequent attenders

By Dr Muiris Houston | Jan 21, 2022 |

Recent research into the pattern of general practice consultations in the UK raises interesting questions For most areas of clinical…

What I miss and don’t miss about being a GP

By Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon | Jan 21, 2022 |

The constant worry over potential mistakes is something I am glad to have left behind when I changed career Three…

The problematic nature of ‘the national herd’

By Pat Harold | Jan 10, 2022 |

The way in which our countryside is farmed is in urgent need of re-evaluation Picture, if you can, a sight…

What a difference a pandemic makes

By Dr Christine O’Malley | Jan 10, 2022 |

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the value of a properly resourced public health service At the end of last year,…

Inequality in the age of the booster

By Paul Mulholland | Jan 10, 2022 |

Just before Christmas, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued an ‘interim statement’ onbooster doses for Covid-19 vaccination. The WHO Director-General,…

Remembrance of times past

By Dr Lucia Gannon | Dec 17, 2021 |

Brushing my hand against the intricate embroidery of a tablecloth, purchased years ago, brought back a flood of memories But…

How we can all protect the health of the planet

By Dr Neasa Conneally | Dec 7, 2021 |

The healthcare sector has an important role to play in combatting the climate crisis I can’t be the only one…

Will self-interest motivate Ireland to be stronger on vaccine equity?

By Paul Mulholland | Dec 7, 2021 |

On 29 November, in a joint statement, the Department of Health and the Department of Foreign Affairs announced that a…

The ethics of online fundraising for medical treatment

By George Winter | Nov 16, 2021 |

Given growing concerns about medical crowdfunding, has the time come to instate gatekeepers to monitor the area? The subjects of…

The power of words during a pandemic

By Dr Muiris Houston | Nov 16, 2021 |

Understanding phrases related to immunisation is important in the age of Covid So this year’s Oxford Languages’ 2021 Word of…

The limits of personal responsibility

By Paul Mulholland | Nov 15, 2021 |

Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, the IMO recently made a call for the public to redouble its effortsto…

Anti-science and Covid non-belief rife in North America

By Dr Muiris Houston | Oct 13, 2021 |

The level of vitriol of the anti-vax movement I witnessed in Canada was on a different scale to that experienced…

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