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  • Editorial

    The naming (shaming) game continues

    Priscilla Lynch | 16 Nov 2017

    Last week saw the commencement of the first public hearings under new teacher fitness to practise (FTP) legislation. While similar to Medical Council FTP legislation and inquiries, notably the teacher remained anonymous during the public hearing.

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  • Editorial

    Spin when you’re winning?

    Priscilla Lynch | 07 Nov 2017

    There has been plenty of good news in recent weeks for our health service, according to the busy PR units within the Department, HSE and indeed the Taoiseach’s office.

  • Editorial

    Women in medicine

    Priscilla Lynch | 26 Oct 2017

    Last week, Prof Mary Horgan made history when she became the first woman President of the RCPI in its 363-year history, following in the footsteps of 141 male predecessors.

  • Editorial

    The honeymoon is over

    Priscilla Lynch | 16 Oct 2017

    Simon Harris’s honeymoon as Minister for Health would appear to be well and truly over.

  • Editorial

    No healthcare without doctors

    Priscilla Lynch | 05 Oct 2017

    The last few weeks have seen the publication of some sobering statistics on Ireland’s worsening medical manpower crisis.

  • Editorial

    Medicines mismanagement

    Priscilla Lynch | 25 Sep 2017

    As the HSE warns of a potential €300 million budget shortfall this year, the medicines bill seems to be under particular pressure.

  • Editorial

    ‘Silly season’ all year round

    Priscilla Lynch | 14 Sep 2017

    Silly season is over, according to the slew of press releases landing daily into my email account.

  • Editorial

    A letter a day keeps the doctor away (from their patients)

    Priscilla Lynch | 04 Sep 2017

    Good communication skills are key to success in life and work. GPs know this more than most. Letter-writing might be a dying art form but not among our general practitioners, who have to spend far too much of their time reading, writing and answering letters.

  • Editorial

    Fighting fear with facts

    Priscilla Lynch | 24 Aug 2017

    They haven’t gone away, you know — those tiresome anti-vaxxer scaremongerers. They are still hard at it online, spreading fear and uncertainty.

  • Editorial

    Trust is hard-won and easily lost in vulnerable hep C population

    Catherine Reilly | 10 Aug 2017

    It is a population where trust is generally hard-won and easily lost.

  • Editorial

    A HSE spokesperson said…

    Catherine Reilly | 20 Jul 2017

    Reporter Niamh Cahill’s recent story in the Medical Independent (MI) — ‘HSE ‘disappointed’ at ICGP ‘failure’ to fill GP training places’ — provoked huge reaction online over the past fortnight among GPs and the wider medical and healthcare professions (see social media comments on this page).

  • Editorial

    Minding your PQs

    Catherine Reilly | 06 Jul 2017

    In a fairly blunt but no less accurate assessment of health service governance, Dr Michael Harty TD told the Primary Care Partnership Conference in Dublin earlier this year there was “a greyness” as to where responsibility rested.

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