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  • Editorial

    Whistle-blowers and the HSE

    Catherine Reilly | 23 Feb 2017

    Journalists adore winning awards; one only needs to peruse our social media bios for ample evidence. Indeed, many of us in the medical and healthcare realm have been left bereft following discontinuation in 2014 of the GSK Irish Healthcare Media Awards. But we will struggle on.

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  • Editorial

    Rise of the ‘assistants’?

    Catherine Reilly | 09 Feb 2017

    Those keeping a close eye on health news from across the water may have noted that the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has agreed to regulate the new nursing associate role.

  • Editorial

    Dented union

    Catherine Reilly | 26 Jan 2017

    Doctors and nurses share the trenches in many respects. They face pressurised working environments, unsocial hours and huge professional responsibilities that can render a lapse in concentration into an adverse event, or if they are lucky, a near miss.

  • Editorial

    A season of soundbites

    Catherine Reilly | 12 Jan 2017

    Soundbite season is truly upon us.

  • Editorial

    Facing the music

    Catherine Reilly | 22 Dec 2016

    The lyrics of the old Irving Berlin classic, ‘There may be trouble ahead…’ may have come to mind when surveying the HSE’s commentary to its National Service Plan 2017, as well as the flood of critical responses from medical organisations and patient interest groups.

  • Editorial

    Future of Healthcare, indeed

    Catherine Reilly | 08 Dec 2016

    Once upon a time, not so long ago, a brave new world was envisaged. This world would be populated by stand-alone statutory Hospital Trusts, allowing for greater autonomy and accountability.

  • Editorial

    Letting things slide

    Priscilla Lynch | 25 Nov 2016

    It is always particularly depressing to see previously successful healthcare schemes have their basic elements slowly chipped away and become mired in cutbacks and delays simply to save a few euro, with little thought to the long-term consequences and costs.

  • Editorial

    Uncertain times

    Priscilla Lynch | 16 Nov 2016

    These are uncertain, disruptive times in our health services and society in general.

  • Editorial

    Time to focus on antimicrobial resistance

    Priscilla Lynch | 07 Nov 2016

    Antimicrobial resistance is an issue that is paid a lot of lip service, but is Ireland really doing enough to address the issue?

  • Editorial

    Facing facts

    Priscilla Lynch | 27 Oct 2016

    Great things happen in our health service all the time, every day in fact, whether it be day to day care of patients or new cutting-edge innovations being rolled out.

  • Editorial

    The war on vaccination terror

    Priscilla Lynch | 17 Oct 2016

    The Medical Independent’s revelation in our last issue that HPV vaccination rates in Ireland have fallen sharply to below 70 per cent this year has highlighted the widening gulf between fact and fear in the public discourse on the issue.

  • Editorial

    Another strategy left to stagnate

    Priscilla Lynch | 06 Oct 2016

    We received a strong reaction to our lead story in the last issue, on the delays in implementing the much hyped National Maternity Strategy.

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