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    Past, present and future of St James’s

    David Lynch | 05 Nov 2018

    As St James’s Hospital begins its next era with the building of the National Children’s Hospital, a new book charts the fascinating and varied past of the Dublin 8 institution, writes David Lynch

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    Reflections of a CIO

    Niamh Cahill | 25 Oct 2018

    Prof Martin Curley took over the position of HSE Chief Information Officer in March after the departure of Mr Richard Corbridge. He speaks to Niamh Cahill about his new strategy, ‘stay left; shift left’

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    Making no bones about advancing athlete health

    Danielle Barron | 15 Oct 2018

    Danielle Barron speaks to sports medicine specialist and GAA legend Dr Pat O’Neill about a range of topical issues affecting the specialty, including bone health, over-training and concussion

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    Drawing upon the creative impulse

    Megan Kavanagh | 03 Sep 2018

    Megan Kavanagh talks to trainee anaesthetist and the Medical Independent’s cartoonist Dr Eoin Kelleher about his love of illustration and where he gets his ideas

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    Advancing understanding of anaesthesiology

    Paul Mulholland | 23 Aug 2018

    Paul Mulholland speaks to outgoing President of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland (CAI) Prof Kevin Carson about his term in office and the future of the specialty in Ireland

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    A doctor’s life during wartime

    Ja Wei Lee | 09 Aug 2018

    Ja Wei Lee speaks to Dr Deirdre Foley about her time in Syria and the challenges of being a medical practitioner in a country ravaged by war

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    On the ball in sports science

    Ja Wei Lee | 05 Jul 2018

    Ja Wei Lee speaks to Dr Alan Byrne about his experience as team doctor with the Irish football team and how injuries are still a big part of the game, despite advancements in sports medicine and physical preparation

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    Battle of the bulge

    David Lynch | 07 Jun 2018

    The Government has targeted obesity as one of the major challenges facing Irish healthcare. David Lynch talks to the HSE Clinical Lead for Obesity Prof Donal O’Shea about the issues involved

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    Occupational hazards — the healthcare workers on the frontline

    David Lynch | 28 May 2018

    Doctors face unique risks of exposure to infection during an epidemic. David Lynch listened to and spoke with Prof David Koh at a recent conference recounting his experience of SARS

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    Sensitivity to stillbirth

    Niamh Cahill | 17 May 2018

    A global drive is underway to reduce preventable stillbirth. Ireland is playing its part in this effort, as clinicians and researchers aim to increase awareness of stillbirth and improve care for bereaved parents, Dr (PhD) Daniel Nuzum tells Niamh Cahill

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    Testing times: It’s all in the genes

    Catherine Reilly | 07 May 2018

    New York-based geneticist Prof John Greally is among a number of clinicians and scientists advocating for an Irish genome project. Catherine Reilly reports

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    The next steps in the battle against lung cancer

    Paul Mulholland | 26 Apr 2018

    Paul Mulholland speaks to Dr Marcus Kennedy about the recently published lung cancer guideline, establishing a new pathway for patients and the potential for introducing screening for the disease

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