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By David Lynch - 21st Feb 2022 | 147 views

Dr Gabrielle, Mr Robert Watt, Mr Paul Reid, Dr Sara Burke Colleran

“My computer in one of the hospitals I work in has Windows 7. It takes me approximately 25 minutes to log in, it’s the first thing I do in the morning…. I would hope that we see dramatic changes in the investment in our IT infrastructure.

We really need to have a universal health identifier. We really need to have e-health across the system… the IT system is vulnerable and we need the investment in it.” Dr Gabrielle Colleran, Consultant Paediatric Radiologist and IHCA Vice-President 

“We are going to find out this year if Sláintecare is a strategy or a slogan. I hope it’s a strategy.” 

Mr Tony O’Brien, former HSE Director General 

“Covid demonstrated the benefits of a universal system, but also highlighted the benefits of e-initiatives, of using data in a more integrated way… Sláintecare I think has demonstrated during Covid that various initiatives can be accelerated and constraints or blockages in the past can be overcome when we are in a crisis situation.” 

Mr Robert Watt, Secretary General, Department of Health 

“What I felt over the past two years was we used that opportunity to implement a lot of change. We used that opportunity to demonstrate how agile our health service is, how responsive our service was.” 

Mr Paul Reid, CEO, HSE 

“I would question the political (leadership) commitment to universalism right now…. How committed are Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael to universal access to care, based on need, not ability to pay? Have we seen great leadership from either leaders of those parties in relation to that?” 

Dr Sara Burke (PhD), Centre for Health Policy and Management, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

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