‘Unsatisfactory’ recruitment process at UL Hospitals – audit

By David Lynch - 02nd Sep 2022 | 206 views

UL Hospitals

 A HSE internal audit into the recruitment process at University of Limerick (UL) Hospitals found it was “unsatisfactory”. 

According to the audit, dated 7 March and seen by this newspaper, “adequate records were unavailable to demonstrate compliance” with the requirements of the code of practice for the appointment to positions in the civil service and public sector. 

It noted the code of practice required that “fully documented records that support each stage of the recruitment process are retained, including interview notes. This meant that non-compliance with the HSE retention of records policy was also noted.” 

A UL Hospitals spokesperson told the Medical Independent that it had “developed a best practice action plan” in response to the audit and had “addressed and adopted the recommendations”. 

“It should be recognised that this audit was undertaken during what was an unprecedented time in healthcare. Some of the areas of non-compliance identified must be seen in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the spokesperson. 

“At that time, there was a critical need to have all our facilities appropriately staffed. Urgent recruitment needs related in particular to nursing staff for 98 new inpatient beds at University Hospital Limerick and the intermediate care facility at UL Arena – which was opened as a fully staffed unit during the pandemic to provide step-down rehabilitative care for non-Covid patients.” 

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