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Thousands of doctors receive open disclosure training

By David Lynch - 23rd Apr 2021

Group of healthcare workers wearing protective face masks while standing with arms crossed and looking at camera.

Over 3,800 doctors have received open disclosure training since February 2019. Open disclosure training uptake by doctors was discussed at the November 2020 meeting of the HSE national open disclosure steering committee. According to minutes, there was “an update on the action taken to improve the level of uptake of training by doctors and… further feedback on how this could be improved further”.

In February 2019, the HSE started recording data on the number of doctors accessing open disclosure training. During the period February 2019 to December 2020, some 3,827 doctors accessed training, according to figures supplied by the HSE.

“The HSE recognises that for open disclosure to be effective it is important that all staff, and particularly doctors and managers, are trained in responding to patient safety incidents including the open disclosure process,” a HSE spokesperson told the Medical Independent.

“The HSE has been working continually on a number of initiatives to improve the access to and uptake of training by doctors.”

The spokesperson added that the HSE’s national open disclosure policy “is now revised and due to go out for consultation” this month.

“This is an interim revision due to a need for further revision when the Patient Safety Bill is enacted.”

The Bill will introduce a new requirement for mandatory open disclosure of specific serious patient safety incidents.
Open disclosure training has been mandatory for staff in the HSE and HSE-funded agencies since July 2018.

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