Sunbed inspections will resume ‘immediately’ upon reopening

By David Lynch - 06th Apr 2021 | 138 views

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The HSE will “immediately resume” inspection of the sunbed sector once Government Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have been lifted, the Medical Independent has been told. The HSE National Service Plan 2021, published in February, outlined the Executive would “undertake a sunbed inspection programme” under the Public Health (Sunbeds) Act 2014.
Asked when such a programme can take place, in light of current public health restrictions, a HSE spokesperson said the pandemic continues to impact the inspection system.

The main provisions of the Public Health (Sunbeds) Act 2014 commenced on 21 July 2014. Since then, the HSE Environmental Health Service has actively enforced the legislation. All HSE environmental health officers are authorised to enforce this legislation and the inspection of sunbed businesses does not involve any other agencies.

“Since 12 March 2020, the HSE inspection programme has been impacted due to Government restrictions on the opening of sunbed premises,” the HSE spokesperson said.

“Government level 5 restrictions in place… mean that sunbed premises are not currently operating and HSE inspections cannot therefore take place. Routine HSE inspections will immediately resume once this sector re-opens.”

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