New national immunisation system required to record Covid-19 vaccine

By Mindo - 17th Aug 2020 | 258 views

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provide

In a section entitled “NIIS – Update on proposed system”, the minutes noted that project work was ongoing. “Governance group in place, but commitment still required from some stakeholders. In 10 years since last pandemic there is still no system. If we get a Covid-19 vaccine there will be issues with data recording.”

A HSE spokesperson told the Medical Independent (MI) that the NIIS is a system “that will consolidate the current regional and national operational systems as one system modernising collection, distribution, and reporting of information for universal vaccination programmes”.

“There has been no new national immunisation system since the last pandemic system was purchased. A new system is required to more easily accommodate schedule changes and record [a] Covid-19 vaccine if this vaccine becomes available.”

At the June meeting of the NIP, it was noted in a section headed “Covid vaccine” that “nothing confirmed at the moment, maybe next year. NIO [national immunisation office] are Ireland rep on EU group”. The HSE spokesperson told MI that Ireland is represented by the NIO and Department of Health on the steering board under the joint EU approach to Covid-19 vaccines procurement. Five vaccines are in phase 3 efficacy trials while Russian President Vladimir Putin recently claimed that the country had developed a vaccine.

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