HSE examining future of Citywest Covid-19 facility

By Mindo - 12th Oct 2020 | 75 views

The HSE is currently examining its ongoing requirement for self-isolation facilities at the Citywest Hotel and the Citywest Convention Centre in Dublin, this newspaper has been told.

Asked by the Medical Independent (MI) whether the Executive intends to decommission the facilities first opened in April, the HSE spokesperson said a decision on this matter is “soon to be finalised”.

“The HSE licence agreement, in respect of both the Citywest Hotel and Convention Centre, runs to 22 October,” the HSE spokesperson told MI.

“In the meantime, the requirement for the ongoing provision of self-isolation facilities beyond October is being examined with a decision soon to be finalised.”

Citywest Convention Centre

The Citywest facility was set up as a self-isolation facility on 1 April, for two categories of resident.

“One, a self-isolation facility for people who have tested positive for Covid-19 or close contacts who are at increased risk of transmission of Covid-19 and who are unable to self-isolate in their own community,” according to the HSE.

“And two, for asymptomatic staff who are employed by the HSE or contracted to commence work, or HSE funded agencies or any facility under HSE governance and required to self-isolate.”

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