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GMS contract talks yet to commence in 2018

By Mindo - 01st Mar 2018

<p class=”p1″><span class=”s2″>The Department confirmed to the <strong><em>Medical Inde</em></strong></span><strong><em>pendent </em></strong>(<strong><em>MI</em></strong>) that there had been no formal meetings with <span class=”s2″>the IMO since the beginning of the year regarding the new </span>GP contract negotiations.

<p class=”p3″>Last month, <strong><em>MI </em></strong>reported that there had also been no direct <span class=”s2″>meetings between the HSE and Department and the NAGP </span>since last October.

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>“That is correct — as yet, there have been no formal meet</span>ings with the IMO or consultative meetings with the NAGP in 2018,” a Department spokesperson told <strong><em>MI</em></strong>.

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>However, the spokesperson insisted that the “GP contract </span>process is a priority for 2018”.

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>“The overall aim is to develop a contract which has a population health focus, providing in particular for health promotion </span>and disease prevention and for the structured ongoing care of chronic conditions.”

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>The Department said that in 2017, there were approximately 18 formal meetings with the IMO in relation to contractual</span>

<p class=”p3″>development proposals, in addition to further informal meet<span class=”s2″>ings to discuss technical and clinical issues. There were eight </span>consultative meetings with the NAGP.

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>“It is hoped that progress can be made with GP representatives in the coming months, however a definitive time line for </span>this cannot be indicated at this point.”

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>Last month, NAGP CEO Mr Chris Goodey told <strong><em>MI </em></strong>that the NAGP had been told that the talks delay was due to “personal </span>changes within the HSE and Department of Health”.

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>A HSE spokesperson told <strong><em>MI </em></strong>that it “continues to work with the Department of Health and all stakeholders and remains fully committed to this important process. This has not been </span>adversely impacted by retirements or staff changes, which are a normal part of the work environment.”

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>In terms of the number of the meetings with the ICGP that </span>have taken place as part of the contract talks, the HSE spokesperson told <strong><em>MI </em></strong>that it “continues to have ongoing and regular <span class=”s2″>engagement with the ICGP on a range of professional, clinical, </span>training and ICT-type matters”.

<p class=”p3″><span class=”s2″>“Such is the ongoing and wide-ranging nature of the collaborative relationship between the HSE and the ICGP that it is not possible to give a comprehensive outline of the number of meetings that have taken place with the College over the period in question.”</span>

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