Decrease in the number of mental health tribunals in 2019

By Mindo - 11th Oct 2019 | 53 views

There have been fewer mental health tribunals so far in 2019 compared with the same period in 2018, new statistics reveal.

According to the figures published by the Mental Health Commission (MHC), there were 1,363 mental health tribunals between January and August of 2018, compared with 1,332 in the same period this year.

This represents a decrease of over 2 per cent.

While the number of mental health hearings decreased this year, the number of revocations of patients’ involuntary status as a result of these hearings increased slightly on last year, rising from 155 to 160.

The amount of patients who had their involuntary status revoked prior to a hearing also increased, by over 3 per cent, from 1,107 to 1,142 patients.

The figures also show a slight increase in involuntary admissions of mental health patients from 1,213 to 1,225, which is an increase of 1 per cent.

According to the MHC, while the first eight months of 2018 saw two proposals for patient transfer to the Central Mental Hospital, there had been no proposals for such transfers so far in 2019.

The figures show the amount of patients who were regraded from voluntary to involuntary designation fell from 379 to 366, a decrease of over 3 per cent.

Renewal orders for involuntary patients saw a decrease of over 1.5 per cent, falling from 841 in the same period in 2018 to 826 in 2019.

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