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Consultancy firm invoiced over €270,000 for work on Scally report

By Mindo - 23rd Jan 2019

Crowe was also due to be paid expenses, but these were redacted in the final invoice of the scoping inquiry on 12 September 2018 seen by MI.

This newspaper previously reported the July invoice amounted to €144,000, so the total amount due to Crowe for its work providing logistical, project management and analytical support to the inquiry was €270,417.

The invoice also shows that the PR firm Q4PR was due to be paid €10,715 for services provided after July 2018.

The total amount paid to Q4PR since it started its work for the inquiry was €23,215, as €12,500 was invoiced at the end of July.

The costs of legal advice after July was €15,003, while a “tender scout” amounted to €4,988.

The payments due to team members in the second invoice are as follows: Dr Gabriel Scally (€35,000); Dr Karin Denton (€12,000); and Mr Padraig Yeates (€2,000).

Dr Gabriel Scally

The total cost of work undertaken from the end of July to 12 September was €255,245, plus €58,706, giving a total of €313,951.

With the invoice at the end of July coming to €317,955, the overall cost of the scoping inquiry was €631,906.

As previously reported, the cost of the inquiry, which was established in May, was set to be €200,000 before the decision to extend the timeline was made.

When Dr Scally was appointed on 8 May to lead the inquiry, it was planned that his work would be completed at the end of June.

The final report of the scoping inquiry was published on 12 September.

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