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Computerised immunisation system being developed

By Paul Mulholland - 19th Sep 2019

The HSE is working towards a new “computerised immunisation system” to consolidate existing records and improve patients’ access to their immunisation history.

Earlier this year, Sinn Féin health spokesperson Deputy Louise O’Reilly submitted a parliamentary question (PQ) on whether the HSE will be establishing a centralised system to hold vaccination records in order for people to have swift access to their vaccination history.

Deputy O’Reilly said her question was in view of the fact that many schools and holiday camps are requiring vaccination records, due to the increase in outbreaks of infectious diseases nationally and worldwide.

Responding to the PQ on 2 July 2019, Dr Kevin Kelleher, HSE Assistant National Director, Public Health/Child Health, stated that the HSE provides vaccination certificates upon request displaying all vaccination records via the local office in the area where the vaccination occurred.

“Nurses or doctors administering vaccines update and sign parent-held record books that are presented at the time any vaccinations are given by the HSE,” according to Dr Kelleher.

“Travel vaccines, however, may be arranged privately and so records of these are not part of the HSE vaccination history.”

Dr Kelleher stated that the HSE is developing a new computerised immunisation system to consolidate existing records, which will improve citizens’ access to their immunisation history.

According to the HSE’s quarterly report for the first three months of the year, 94.3 per cent of children aged 24 months received three doses of the six-in-one vaccine year to date, while 92.2 per cent of children aged 24 months received the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine year to date.

Nationally, the percentage of children aged 24 months who have received the MMR vaccine in the final quarter of 2018 was 91.9 per cent (reported quarterly in arrears) against a target of 95 per cent. Eight of the nine CHOs were within 5 per cent of the target, with one CHO within 10 per cent of the target.

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