Blended work for health service by end of year

By David Lynch - 14th Oct 2022 | 247 views

blended working

Members of the HSE’s people and culture committee queried how staff productivity would be monitored under a future blended working arrangement, according to recent meeting minutes.

Ms Anne Marie Hoey

 “It is intended that the HSE blended working policy will be finalised by the end of this year,” a HSE spokesperson told the Medical Independent

“The HSE policy will ref lect the key principles and provisions of the civil service framework and will be adapted as appropriate for the public health service. 

“Some health sector roles will be suitable for blended working arrangements. It is not possible to provide information on the percentage of staff who… could avail of blended working arrangements.” 

At a meeting of the HSE’s people and culture committee in June, National Director of Human Resources Ms Anne Marie Hoey briefed members on the policy. 

The committee queried how productivity would be monitored under a blended working arrangement. 

Ms Hoey advised that staff working at home “have the same productivity obligations as when they are in the workplace”, according to the minutes. 

“Likewise line managers have the same responsibilities to manage staff and take appropriate action when/if issues arise.” 

In March, the civil service framework on blended working was published. It was co-designed by representatives from civil service organisations and in consultation with trade unions and staff associations. 

According to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform: “The framework will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to adapt to any changes required to meet the needs of business and employees, to incorporate any broader strategies and approaches to new ways of working and to recognise that current views on blended working are likely to evolve as blended working is embedded.” 

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