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Expertise without borders in cardiology

By sa | Feb 12, 2019 |

The International Session of the Irish Cardiac Society Scientific Meeting and AGM, held recently in Galway, heard lively and informative…

A new President for psychiatry

By Catherine Reilly | Mar 23, 2020 |

Catherine Reilly speaks to new President of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland Dr William Flannery about challenges facing the…

Advice on nail health presented at conference

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

Consultant Dermatologist Dr David de Berker, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at Bristol Royal Infirmary, UK, delivered two presentations on nails…

The basics of wound care

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

The basics of good wound care and wound dressings were covered in a comprehensive talk by Prof Mark Davis, Professor…

Update on alopecia at hair and nails symposium

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

The hair and nails symposium on the second day of the PCDSI conference opened with a talk from Dr Ahmed…

Advice on diagnosing Lyme disease

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

The prevalence of Lyme disease is most likely increasing in Europe, delegates at the PCDSI conference in Cork heard. Consultant…

Danger of antibiotic resistance highlighted

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

Antibiotic resistance will be responsible for more deaths worldwide than cancer by 2050 and resulted in 37,000 multi-drug resistant infection…

Presentation on identifying rashes caused by antibiotics

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

An outline of the frequently observed antibiotic-induced drug eruption patterns and the common and occasionally severe problem of drug-induced skin…

Topical therapy for psoriasis discussed

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

A huge unmet need in the treatment of mild psoriasis exists in primary care, with a lot of investment instead…

Myths surrounding topical steroids addressed

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

Myths surrounding the use of topical steroids are common and contribute to under-use, which is a huge problem in the…

Atopic dermatitis overview

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

The prevalence of atopic dermatitis (AD) in countries such as China and Africa is increasing, while cases may have peaked…

The treatment of acne

By Niamh Cahill | Mar 23, 2020 |

Acne treatment should aim to eliminate the emotional stress associated with the condition and prevent physical scarring, Consultant Dermatologist at…

PARP inhibitors in cancer – shifting the paradigm to frontline treatment

By Dr Caitriona Goggin and Dr Dearbhaile Collins | Jan 6, 2020 |

The last decade has seen major advances in oncology therapy with the addition of PARP inhibitors, with significant updated data…

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