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‘Positive’ trends in mortality from stroke

By Mindo - 07th Oct 2019

There are positive trends in mortality from stroke according to the new National Stroke Register 2018 Annual Report from the HSE National Stroke Programme (NSP).

 “The report shows very encouraging trends in mortality from stroke due to blood clotting, explained in part by better medical treatments but also by faster provision of care,” said Dr Ronan Collins, Clinical Lead of the HSE National Stroke Programme.

“At 7.8 per cent, mortality from this type of stroke (ischaemic stroke) is at an historic low, down from 10.9 per cent in 2015. Mortality from stroke due to haemorrhage remains high at over 30 per cent, reflecting a lack of medical progress internationally with this type of stroke.

“The report also highlights the great improvements in care, and ‘door to decision’ times for stroke patients after the implementation of a Quality Improvement programme by the RCPI and the National Thrombectomy Service.”

Last year, 4,817 cases were recorded on the stroke register, with approximately 75 per cent of strokes occurring in over 65s.  Once a patient arrives in hospital there have been significant improvements in the time to being seen by and doctor, median 34 minutes down from 156 minutes in 2015 and time to a CT scan, median 84 minutes, down from 133 minutes in 2015, ensuring quick access to acute stroke treatments such as thrombolysis (clot buster) and thrombectomy (removal of clot).

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