Over 100 new-entrant consultants lodge WRC complaints

By Mindo - 01st Feb 2019 | 82 views

A second tranche have been lodged with the Workplace Relations Commission by the IHCA’s legal representatives, bringing the total number to 110.

“The current situation is that, in relation to discrimination actions or cases, a further tranche of complaint forms have been lodged with the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC),” IHCA Secretary General Mr Martin Varley IHCA told the Medical Independent (MI).

“A total to date of 110 cases lodged. Further complaint forms will be lodged.

“Overall we have in the region of 300 new-entrant consultant members who would be expected to be party to it.

“Detailed individual complaint forms have to be lodged, for each individual new entrant consultant member, so that takes a little bit of time for obvious reasons but we are over a third of the way there.”

Mr Varley said in the coming period he “expects there will be hearings…to deal with the matter, and that’s with the WRC.”

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