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Medical Council President welcomes new interns facing ‘challenging year’

By Mindo - 27th May 2020

President of the Medical Council Dr Rita Doyle has written to each medical intern to congratulate them as they embark on their medical careers, amid the challenges of Covid-19.

A formal graduation ceremony was not possible for the medical graduates of 2020/2021 due to ongoing public health guidelines.

In her letter, Dr Doyle wrote: “You will learn more this year than you will in any single year of your career ahead. Embrace it. Of course this year is different for you as you will face something no intern year has ever faced before.”

The letter stresses the importance of personal well-being and the requirement for each new doctor to have their own GP, in accordance with the Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics from the Medical Council.

“A sick doctor is a patient. And cannot be of benefit to their own patients… you must remember your duty to protect your own health and contribute to the safety and wellbeing of other healthcare workers,” added Dr Rita Doyle.

Acknowledging the challenges of Covid-19 facing the health service and these new doctors, Dr Doyle included some personal reflections on her experiences and encourages colleagues to “trust in your training, trust in your skills, trust in your trainers and most importantly trust one another.”

Recently appointed Interim CEO of the Medical Council, Mr Philip Brady, added: “The Medical Council plays an important role in supporting doctors and protecting patients. Our new colleagues should be confident that the Council is here to support them throughout their careers.

“Our efforts to support Ireland’s response in tackling Covid-19 will be bolstered by the registration of 1,020 interns so far this month. This is a sizable increase on the 733 registered in 2019.”

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