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IMO appoints Susan Clyne as Chief Executive Officer

By Mindo - 26th Apr 2018

Ms Clyne joined the IMO in 1994 as Operations Manager and has held the roles of Director of Finance and Chief Operations Officer within the Organisation.

She has been involved in representing the Organisation and its members in contract negotiations and High Court proceedings, in addition to managing the day to day running of the Organisation.

Speaking today, the President of the IMO Dr Peadar Gilligan welcomed Ms Clyne’s appointment. He said: “Along with my fellow Officers and Committee Members in the IMO, I look forward to continuing to work with Susan and the team of professionals in IMO Head Office as we seek to improve the terms and conditions for doctors across the country and advocate for better health services for our patients.”

Ms Clyne said; “These are very challenging times for doctors across the health service and I and my colleagues in the IMO are committed to representing them and their interests particularly in the areas of contract negotiations and health reform where the voice of doctors must be heard.”

The IMO has been without a CEO since the George McNeice controversy.


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