ICT initiative will allow doctors to view payslips via app

By Mindo - 02nd May 2019 | 96 views

The HSE’s National Integrated Staff Records and Pay Programme (NiSRP), which will introduce a self-service app allowing staff to apply for leave and view payslips, will go live in the east this month, according to HSE National Manager of Human Resources (HR) Ms Rosarii Mannion.

Speaking at a forum with NCHDs at the IMO AGM in Killarney, Ms Mannion said the NiSRP will “join-up our finance and HR systems”.

This will ensure real-time data and address issues around payments, payslips and working hours, she said.

“This is a huge project, we have been going at this now for two years, the east is going live in May, we will see how that works. But in totality, to get this rolled out, with employee self-service, an app on your phone then that can tell you what you are going to be paid, your hours, is going to be 2023 – that is the timeline.”

Preceding the forum, the National NCHD meeting called on the HSE to implement a national standardised timesheet and payslip for all NCHDs.

Introducing the motion on behalf of the NCHD Committee, anaesthesiology registrar Dr Charles Goh said hospitals had different time sheets and pay slips.

“No two hospitals use the same time sheets nationally so every six months we are picking up time sheets we are not familiar with…trying to figure them out. How many of us actually understand our own payslips?

“I still find my payslips bizarre. It is not that difficult for there to be single, national, standardised timesheet first of all, and single standardised payslip, so that everybody in the HSE knows exactly what they are being paid, how it is being calculated, and how it is being presented, they know their deductions and they know their allowances…not just us but for nursing staff and consultants. Half the consultants don’t understand their own payslips.”

He said the issue was raised with Ms Mannion and Director of National Doctors Training Planning (NDTP) Prof Frank Murray at the previous year’s forum, and NCHDs were assured it was “very easy to implement – a year later and nothing has happened”.

SpR in emergency medicine Dr Lisa Cunningham pointed out that doctors were now paying much closer attention to their payslips.

Intern Dr John Cannon said the current system “obfuscates what you are being paid and it shows lack of good faith from the HSE… I think it’s deliberately deceptive and it makes it hard for NCHDs to just find out what they are being paid”.

Concern was also expressed at the meeting – and the forum with Ms Mannion – regarding accurate recording of hours in the context of European Working Time Directive (EWTD) compliance.

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