HSE launches national policy for consent in health and social care research

By Reporter - 20th Dec 2022 | 179 views

National Policy for Consent in Health and Social Care

The HSE has published its National Policy for Consent in Health and Social Care Research. The policy outlines how to safely and ethically conduct the consenting process of health and social care research across the HSE and funded organisations.

Dr Philip Crowley, HSE National Director for Strategy and Research, said, “Health and social care research is a dynamic, interactive process and it has to be based on trust, respect and mutual aims of improving health, wellbeing and patient outcomes.

“The policy, a milestone for the HSE, aims to ensure that impactful research can be conducted safely, ethically, and in compliance with legal requirements, while maintaining the confidence of the participants and keeping them at the centre of the research process.”

The policy, aligned to the HSE National Consent Policy, legislation and regulations, details how to:

·       obtain informed consent for research

·       manage consent documentation

·       manage best practice in terms of the consent life cycle

·       manage the withdrawal of consent

for research in health and social care within the HSE.

International evidence has shown that better care is delivered by health services where research is formally integrated as part of the organisational structure. Research supports best practice and optimal healthcare outcomes. The new HSE National Policy for Consent in Health and Social Care Research will guide high-quality health research in the context of the HSE National Framework for Governance, Management, and Support of Health Research.

This policy was developed in consultation with internal and external stakeholders including patient representatives. Registration is now open for the public launch of the policy via live webinar on 9 February 2023 – https://hseresearch.ie/research-development-news/

The policy is available on the HSE Research website at https://hseresearch.ie/consent/

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