HSE invites Aspire post-CSCST Fellowship applications

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The HSE National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) unit is calling for applications to the NDTP Aspire Post-certificate of satisfactory completion of specialist training (CSCST) Fellowship, a programme of fully funded post-CSCST fellowship training opportunities.

NDTP is inviting Clinical Directors with a vision for a high quality fellowship within their clinical site to apply by Friday 8 November 2019.  Applicants should be able to illustrate that the fellowship they are proposing can offer further training in certain subspecialties without the need to travel abroad.

The skills, experience and qualifications gained during the duration of proposed the fellowship should enhance a doctor’s suitability and competitiveness. Once these posts are identified, an expert panel will select the most eligible fellowships.

According to Prof Frank Murray, Director HSE NDTP, these post-CSCST Fellowships provide opportunities for doctors who have completed specialist training in Ireland to access “high quality training in a specialised area of clinical care, offering a structured and certifiable experience, and opportunities for specialist consultant career progression”.

The eight successful 2020 Aspire Fellows will receive an SpR salary at the highest point of scale and headcount for the duration of the fellowship; eligibility to access the higher specialist training fund during the fellowship; formal recognition of achievement following completion of the fellowship from the relevant Irish postgraduate medical education body/bodies; and a high quality fellowship experience in Ireland that will improve competitiveness for positions within Ireland.

The HSE NDTP, in conjunction with the Acute Hospital Division, launched the NDTP Aspire Fellowship Awards in 2017 with an aim of stimulating the creation and introduction of six fully funded supernumerary post CSCST fellowships. 

Following investment in the initiative, 2019 also saw commitment of a further six fellowships. Last July also saw an introduction of two more Aspire fellowships funded by the NDTP in conjunction with the Mental Health Directorate.

The process of creating and filling Aspire fellowship posts are two-fold, consisting of the application process, and the selection process.

The first step of the process involves designing a quality fellowship proposal. The next step involves engaging with an Irish postgraduate training body. The third stage entails submitting the completed fellowship proposal to NDTP/HSE for consideration.

For the applications that are awarded the Aspire Fellowships, the final stage involves recruiting a suitable candidate to commence in July 2020.

The NDTP will form an expert advisory panel to assess the applications, and may seek specific advice from relevant experts, Clinical Directors etc, as required. The principal considerations will be quality of the fellowship proposed; identified unmet patient need; specialty and service priorities; unavailability of such training in Ireland currently; and the potential benefits to the Irish health service and patients.

The eight successful 2020 National Aspire Fellowships will be announced in early 2020.

The 2020 Aspire Fellowships will then be advertised to doctors that have received CSCST from an Irish postgraduate training body but will be no more than three years post-CSCST on 12 July 2020. 

Closing date for applications is Friday 8 November. 

For more information, visit https://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/leadership-education-development/met/ed/postcscst/

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