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China’s response to the coronavirus: Compare and contrast

At time of writing, the coronavirus outbreak in China and beyond is an evolving situation. The World Health Organisation has declared it an international emergency — finally — and in the world’s largest ever quarantine operation, approximately 60 million people and growing are in ‘lockdown’. This figure is of course a ‘guesstimate’, as information coming…

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Weaponised words and normalised nonsense

Hello. My name is Doug and I identify as ‘he/him’. If I had said anything like that in the secondary school I attended, a judicious pummelling would have ensued in the school yard (and no, I’m not condoning that of course). But should we care that so many people, with so much time on their…

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A weird, wonderful and wacky worldwide season

It’s that time of year again — some love it, others hate it and some are indifferent. For many, it’s a source of stress and financial pressure. No doubt there are studies to indicate the rates of myocardial infarction during the festive period but for this offering, we’ll take a breather from death, disease and…

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Lifting the lid on an issue that demands more action

There seems to be an unlimited and ever-increasing supply of ‘days’ dedicated to a certain cause each year. The list is too exhaustive to go into in depth here, but a few examples include ‘World Braille Day’; ‘International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation’ (that one should be a permanent fixture); ‘International Day…

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Wine and wellbeing: ‘Take two litres and call me in the morning… ’

As the saying goes, ‘the poison is in the dose’ and medical practitioners in bygone days certainly had an unconventional approach by today’s standards to the use of alcohol for ailing patients. The ongoing chatter and conflicting ‘evidence’ that appears regularly through one study or another regarding the benefits or lack thereof of consuming small…

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