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The electric Porsche Macan –a new generation For an SUV-Dominated world

By Shane O'Donoghue - 07th Jul 2024


Porsche’s first ever electric car, the Taycan, transformed its business, especially in countries like Ireland where emissions-based taxation makes the company’s petrol-fuelled cars prohibitively expensive. Now Porsche ownership is about to become a lot more attainable as the German firm introduces its second electric model, the all-new Macan 4 Electric.

Exterior design and image

If you’re familiar with Porsche’s other cars, the new Macan won’t be a surprise in design terms, as its modern shape references the low-slung Taycan and continues with many of the brand’s signature details. The lighting in particular marks the Macan out as a Porsche, with a distinctive four-point daytime running light graphic up front and an attractive three-dimensional lightbar across the back.

While inspecting the rear, most will note that the roofline and back window are conspicuously more sloped than that of the original Macan. This is in the name of aerodynamics and reduced drag, a key focus for the car makers in the development of electric cars in a bid to maximise range between charges.

There are detail exterior differences between the Macan 4 Electric and the Macan Turbo (this is also electric, despite the allusion in its name to a turbocharger under the bonnet), but in truth the paint colour and wheel design you choose have as much an effect on the appearance – so take your time on Porsche’s expansive online configurator.

The electric powertrain makes it smooth, quiet, and relaxing to drive in an urban environment or even at a high-speed cruise on the motorway

Interior and practicality

The Macan’s interior is straight out of the recently revamped Porsche Cayenne and Panamera – and that’s no bad thing at all. It mixes lots of technology and connectivity with a sense of exceedingly high quality. Highlights include sharp digital instruments, an easy-to use touchscreen and the option of an extra touchscreen ahead of the front-seat passenger. Thankfully, there’s physical switchgear on the centre console so not everything is controlled via the displays.

Rear-seat space is more generous in the new Macan than in the old, but it’s still a weak point in comparison to more mainstream cars at the same price point. Nonetheless, the boot is of decent size, the rear
seats fold down and there’s a useful amount of extra storage space under the bonnet up front. Neatly, this can be accessed by just swiping your hand over the bonnet badge.

Price and electric range

At launch, there were just two versions of the electric Macan – badged the ‘4’ and the Turbo. They both use the same 95kWh battery pack (that’s its usable energy capacity) and a motor on each axle for all-wheel drive. The Turbo is considerably more powerful and has a little more equipment at a starting price of €128,696, though the entry-level Macan 4 Electric is all most buyers will need – and it’s a more palatable €92,609 before you add from the tempting list of options.

The Macan 4 is the more efficient of the two variants, managing to eke out longer on a charge of that big battery. Officially, it’ll do up to 613 kilometres and our test drive in warm conditions indicated that most drivers should get close to 500km. The majority of owners will charge up at home of course, but if you do have to use the public network, it shouldn’t take long, as the Macan can DC-charge at a rate of up to 270kW at a suitable outlet.

Porsche driving experience

Fast electric cars are two-a-penny these days and you don’t need to spend over €90,000 if that’s all you’re after. But Porsche has a reputation to live up to, a reputation built on engaging and exciting cars that keen drivers love to get behind the wheel of. And yes, that applies even if we’re talking about an electric SUV that is more likely to be used for commuting and the school run.

In short, the electric Macan can do it all. The electric powertrain makes it smooth, quiet, and relaxing to drive in an urban environment or even at a high-speed cruise on the motorway. It also offers effortless acceleration and performance. As it should. Even the Macan 4 Electric has up to 408hp at its disposal. This may be the most affordable new Porsche today, but it’s still considerably quicker than most ‘normal’ cars on the road. The Turbo ramps that up to a faintly ludicrous 639hp.

If you’re the sort of person as interested in how the Macan drives as how fast it is, then you’ll get the most out of it if you explore the driving modes using the little rotary control on the steering wheel. Depending on which chassis options have been added, it can go from comfortable cruiser one moment to something doing its best to mimic one of Porsche’s sports cars the next. And though it’s a heavy car in comparison to one of those, the Macan is never anything less than impressive.

One to buy?

While the Macan is now the most affordable new Porsche, it’s hardly a cheap-to-buy car, and there are plenty of alternatives on the market for around the same price that put its rear-seat space to shame, for example. However, if that’s not a deal-breaker, you like the look of the Macan and you’re happy to go electric, there’s no doubt this is one of the most accomplished of all the electric SUVs on sale today.

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