‘No delay’ to completion of surgical training to date

By Catherine Reilly - 21st Feb 2022 | 409 views

There has not yet been any delay to the completion of training for surgical trainees as a result of Covid-19, according to a RCSI spokesperson. 

However, RCSI is examining logbook data over the last 12- to-24 months “with a view to quantifying the impact on logbook activity”. Information on the most affected specialties will not be available until this detailed analysis is completed. 

All specialties and years of training were affected, but to varying degrees and at different time points, stated the RCSI’s spokesperson. 

“We noticed differences regionally too. However, thanks to the diligence of our trainers and trainees, no trainees had their progression affected due to Covid.” 

Scheduled care was “very much affected during the peaks of the various Covid waves” and the College observed “a dip in training logbook operative activity during these periods”. 

However, “emergency surgery continued and all trainers and trainees maximised the training opportunities in spite of the challenges.” 

“Once scheduled care recommenced, there was a return to near normal pre-pandemic levels. Over the course of a year, however, the overall numbers in logbooks were down on pre-pandemic levels. RCSI and the specialties focused on the index procedures needed to ensure impact on trainee progression was minimised.” 

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