Information technology problems raised in Coombe review

By Mindo - 21st Jan 2020 | 62 views

A series of issues in relation to information communication technology (ICT) have been placed on the risk register at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital, Dublin, this newspaper has learned.

Seventeen new risks were added to the corporate risk register, particularly around ICT, following a review of the hospital ICT infrastructure, heard a meeting of the Coombe’s board of guardians and directors in mid-2019.

“A decision was taken to record each of the 12 ICT components separately, as opposed to recording them as one overall risk,” according to the minutes.

The board discussed the risk register and agreed a meeting would take place in December, where a so-called “deep dive” of the register would take place, with board members reviewing risks.

In doing so, “the risk mitigating action would be considered in detail and [it] would consider what further support the board may be able to provide in further mitigating risk”, according to meeting minutes seen by the Medical Independent (MI) following a Freedom of Information request.

MI asked the hospital about the nature of these risks, whether they remained on the risk register or had been resolved.

In response, a Coombe spokesperson said “these are ongoing matters that are under consideration of the board and the executive management”.

Last autumn, a meeting of the board heard “there has been no approval to date for any of the ICT infrastructure deficits identified in the ICT infrastructure review report, however the ICT manager has undertaken some limited works where appropriate”.

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