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HSE to publish new change framework for staff

By Mindo - 24th Apr 2018

The framework is the result of more than two years’ work and comes following a major engagement process with staff as well as a formal literature review by the Centre for Health Policy and Management, Trinity College Dublin.

According to the HSE, the framework aims to “provide practical assistance to define, design and deliver change through the use of guidance, templates and resources that can be adapted and applied to a local context”.

It seeks to “guide and support staff to become change leaders” and also sets out to provide a “coherent theoretical and practical foundation for the major change programmes which the health services are already undertaking or are about to embark upon”.

The HSE has undergone major transformation in many areas and continues to undergo major change.

The guide sets out the nature of change; new models of power relationships that prioritise engagement and empowerment; creating receptive environments for change; and understandings on complexities within health and social care systems.

The HSE Leadership Team commissioned the work through Ms Rosarii Mannion, National Director of Human Resources and is a revision of <em>Improving Our Services — A Users’ Guide to Managing Change in the Health Service Executive</em> (2008).

According to the HSE, the development process involved testing the framework in order to ensure the guidance and templates were accessible, user friendly and could be applied within different local contexts. This included data gathering, analysis and significant redrafting of documentation.

“The Change Guide is currently in the final ‘sign off’ stage and being prepared for internal publication. It will be available by June 2018 as a resource to staff at all levels,” a HSE spokesperson advised.

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