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HSE board backs primary care centre review

By Mindo - 06th Dec 2021

Doctor wearing surgical mask while visiting a patient at home. Senior woman sitting with doctor while doing coronavirus test and screening using oximeter. Rear view of old woman with grey hair giving finger to doctor for oximeter analysis.

A recommendation for the scoping of a comprehensive review of future primary care centre requirements taking account of geographical coverage, population and service needs, and other relevant factors, has been approved by the HSE board. Following an assessment, carried out to establish whether the appropriate approvals were in place, it emerged that a total of 47 primary care centre developments required and sought additional approval from the board.

According to minutes of the September HSE board meeting, the assessment had been completed in terms of primary care centres which were operational, in progress or planned. It also considered whether there was adequate primary care centre coverage across the country. This process had identified that 10 of the primary care centres, within the 292 total which were operational or being progressed, had not been previously approved by the board.

These included four locations that were replacements for previously approved locations. A further 37 primary care locations required approval for changes made subsequent to their initial board approval due to issues, such as size and/or rental cost.

The board approved both the recommendation by the HSE audit and risk committee of additional approval for the 47 primary care centres identified in the assessment, and the scoping for a more comprehensive review.

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