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US doctor will call for patient-led ‘revolution’ at RCPI conference

By Mindo - 24th Jan 2020

The upcoming RCPI Patient-Centred Care conference, to be held on 29 January  in Dublin, will hear from a leading US endocrinologist who advocates for a patient-led revolution to change the current health system.

Dr Victor Montori, endocrinologist and leading researcher at the Mayo Clinic, US, is the RCPI event’s keynote speaker and told the Medical Independent that his speech will focus on how western, industrialised health systems cause doctor burnout and poor patient outcomes.

Dr Montori’s popular book, called Why We Revolt, is a series of personal essays describing what is wrong with industrial, Western health care and proposes a revolution of compassion and kindness in healthcare.

“Minimally disruptive medicine should be our new philosophy: care that is in line with patients’ wishes – as opposed to the externally imposed constraints of guidelines and financial targets,” says Dr Montori. “We should have a system that promotes care in which, as clinicians, our aims are to reduce the illness and treatment burden borne by our patients, and the administrative burden borne by our profession.”

To hear more from Dr Montori and register to attend the event, visit:

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