‘Too early’ to discuss fees for abortion services – NAGP

By Mindo - 13th Nov 2018 | 62 views

The Association was reacting to a report in today’s Irish Times that “broad agreement had been reached” between the IMO, Department of Health and HSE following discussions centred around a fee structure for women seeking terminations.

Mr Chris Goodey, CEO of the NAGP, said: “Talking about fees is inappropriate at this time. There are still a number of questions that should be resolved, such as issues to do with confidentiality, ultrasound and the training of staff.

“What about the availability of counselling for patients? It is more important that discussions around safe and effective provision of services, rather than fees, are put in place at this time. It is unacceptable that the NAGP, the largest representative body for GPs, has not been included in any discussions with regard to the safe, effective provision of termination of pregnancy services.”

He said GPs should be fully trained and supported to provide a termination of pregnancy service “of the highest and safest standards”, including access to ultrasound, counselling, and blood testing for rhesus factor when indicated.

“It is imperative that engagement occurs with GPs to find workable solutions to all concerns raised to date. This isn’t possible if their main representative organisation is excluded from talks. We must strive for a compassionate, supportive and respectful service that accommodates the needs and beliefs of all stakeholders. This is achievable, and it takes precedent over GP fees.”


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