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‘These are extraordinary times’ – Medical Council President writes to all doctors on Covid-19

By Mindo - 12th Mar 2020

The President of the Medical Council, Dr Rita Doyle, has written to all registered doctors to “reassure them” of the Council’s support and to express her appreciation for the medical profession in these “very challenging times for our country”.

According to Dr Doyle’s letter, “these are extraordinary times and extraordinary measures are required”.

“Amidst the increased workload, longer hours, additional pressure and stress, please take the time to care for yourself. Take breaks, eat regularly, and get rest,” she advises.

“All doctors are on the front-line, and the priority for doctors is to self-protect in order to protect and treat others.  A sick doctor becomes a patient, while a healthy doctor can treat and see patients or remotely triage and help patients and our communities.

“You will be expected to use all your expertise and skills to make clinical judgements, sometimes without physically seeing the patient.

“Colleagues, trust in your experience, trust in your training, trust in our public health experts and trust that the public will play their role as part of a community response and minimise the risks to themselves and to others.

“The national response is being led by public health experts, infectious disease experts, the Department of Health, the HSE and the wider Government, who are all skilfully and efficiently leading our country’s response in line with expert advice.

“The Medical Council knows doctors will continue to show professionalism, with compassion and use their vast experience in supporting all in addressing the challenges we face due to Covid-19.

“The Medical Council supports doctors in these extraordinary times, knowing you will rely on your expertise and clinical judgement.

“I have faith in the medical profession in what is going to be a very difficult number of weeks and months.”

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