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New national health data monitoring tool launched

By Reporter - 19th Jun 2023

The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has today launched a new online visual health data monitoring tool. It has been created to provide an overview of the performance and health outcomes of the health service.

Operated by the Department of Health in partnership with the HSE, the prototype visualisation platform for the Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA) framework will help policymakers, healthcare providers, researchers and patients to better assess and improve system accountability, fairness, and efficiency.

The new HSPA website ( has been populated with health data in the areas of life expectancy, disease outcomes, health risk factors, the level of access to health services, affordability, the quality of the care provided, as well as the efficiency of health services.

According to the Department: “The HSPA will enable the public to become better informed about the nation’s health as well as important issues that are central to the provision of health services in Ireland, giving them a clearer picture of how the health service is performing and a better understanding of the impact of health policies on people’s lives.” 

HSPA is becoming an essential assessment platform for many countries. The European Union (EU) is currently assisting other EU member states in developing and adopting their own HSPA structures. In tandem, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is encouraging the setting up and adoption of country-specific HSPAs worldwide.

Minister Donnelly said: “I’m very pleased to support the launch of the HSPA, delivering greater transparency on patient health outcomes and services in Ireland than ever before. This Government has provided unprecedented levels of investment in the Irish health service, and the new HSPA website is a hive of health data and statistics which demonstrate an ever-improving picture in the health of the nation, including on cancer survival rates and healthy lifestyle choices, with life expectancy in Ireland amongst the highest in the EU.

“I’m tremendously encouraged by the progress we’re making on population health outcomes as demonstrated in the HSPA, but there’s more we can and must do.

“The HSPA is another vital tool that allows us to visualise the impacts of ongoing health policy and Slaintecare reforms in real time, and most importantly identify areas that require additional effort and attention based on clear evidence. It also helps us to compare and measure our health outcomes and performance with EU colleagues and against international standards.”

HSE National Director for Operational Performance and Integration, Mr Joe Ryan, said: “The Health System Performance Assessment platform will help to provide an effective, high-level assessment of the performance of the health service with measurable and quantifiable outcome indicators. As it develops, the HSPA will provide a more rounded assessment of how the health service is performing.

“Where we have previously focused on recording the quantity of our services, ultimately our aim is to measure the outcomes of what we deliver, the experience of patients in accessing and receiving our services together with assessing the value of our services.  In the HSE we will work with our committees and our board to transform the way in which we plan, measure, report and improve. The HSPA will assist with this.”

Further development and enhancement of this initial prototype HSPA platform will be implemented during phase 2, including the populating of additional indicators and increasing the functionality and useability of the platform. Work is also continuing on the implementation and utilisation of the framework in the Department of Health and HSE.

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