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Medical Council elects its first female President

By Mindo - 11th Jul 2018

Medical Council President Dr Rita Doyle

Dr Doyle, who operates the Bray Family Practice in Wicklow, has been a general practitioner for more than thirty years and is a past President of the Irish College of General Practitioners. Dr Doyle is also the first full time GP elected as President of the Medical Council. <br /> <br /> Speaking on her election as President, Dr Doyle said: “I am delighted and honoured to be appointed President of the Council. The primary role of the Medical Council is to protect patients and support doctors. I believe that the Medical Council should continue to support doctors and encourage them in their role as advocates for their patients, and in doing so, we will need to continue to highlight the shortcomings in our health services that are directly impacting patient care and creating too many impossible situations for doctors.”<br /> <br /> “In order to fulfil our dual remit of protecting patients and supporting doctors we must continue to engage with the medical schools and the Post Graduate Training Bodies to ensure that our doctors are receiving the highest standard of education and training. I am delighted to see the dramatic increase in enrolment rates in professional competence schemes and we must work with our stakeholders to ensure that Continual Professional Development is relevant and of the highest standard.”<br /> <br /> Speaking about the importance of supporting doctors, Dr Doyle addressed the role of the Medical Councils’ Health Committee which supported 45 doctors in 2017. She said: “Doctors get sick too and often find themselves in a position where they need additional support and guidance. Doctors should not be afraid to seek help and health managers. Clinical Directors and employers need to be aware of the options available should a colleague, employee or a friend need that assistance.” <br /> <br /> “The primary role of the Medical council’s Health committee is that of supporting the maintenance of registration and appropriate monitoring of doctors with identified health problems where there is no patient risk. There should be no fear about engaging with the Health Committee among the profession or in seeking help from any of the other bodies providing support. The Medical Council will continue to take a proactive role in encouraging good self-care and health in doctors and medical students.” concluded Dr Doyle.<br /> <br /> Dr Anthony Breslin, a specialist in Public Health Medicine (Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health), has been elected as Vice-President. Dr Breslin was the outgoing Vice-President having been previously elected as Vice-President in August 2017.<br /> <br /> Speaking on his election, Dr Breslin said: “I’m delighted to have been re-elected as Vice-President of the Medical Council and to have the opportunity to build on the achievements of the last Council, continuing in some of the important initiatives introduced by them.”<br /> <br /> “During the previous Council I saw how both the lay and medical members appreciated different perspectives, were not afraid to learn from each other, and worked together for the benefit of both the public and doctors in fulfilling our remit of protecting patients and supporting doctors.” concluded Dr Breslin. <br /> <br /> Medical Council CEO, Mr Bill Prasifka said: “I congratulate Dr Doyle and Dr Breslin on their elections and look forward to working them and their fellow Council members to develop a strategic direction for the Council which is focused on ensuring patient protection by ensuring that we uphold standards and that doctors are supported in their roles, training and education.” <br /> <br /> <br />

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