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Working smart — how to get the most from your IT devices

Many of us are already collaborating with our colleagues via email, group emails, texts and shared calendars, etc. As time goes on, we are constantly updating our devices, both fixed computing and mobile, to allow us even more data sharing.

Lots of IT departments do not value this sort of collaboration, preferring a more direct route for data. This limits the creative skill sets of people in an environment where effective collaboration is increasingly perceived as an imperative.

Effective workplace collaboration can bring massive increases in efficiencies with small amounts of effort. Using data sharing, video conferencing, email, closed discussion groups, etc, will allow us to share experience and knowledge in a way our parents only dreamed about.

We have virtual teaching in the outback of Australia, online CPD training for many different professionals, increasingly sophisticated online CME for the medical profession and many thousands of instructional videos on Vimeo and YouTube for all sorts of things.

All this is made possible with the use of the Internet and mobile data communications. Data can be shared instantly. This allows the smart user to quickly make decisions based on information gleaned from many different sources and update colleagues with the results.

There are many ways to implement collaborative data. These include:-

Shared calendars. 

Shared drives or cloud drives

Whatsapp groups, etc.

Internet portals.

Discussion boards and groups.

Some ways are private and some are public, like YouTube, so it really depends on the type of information you share and how you would expect people to use it. 

I once worked with a man who carried around a dictaphone with him at all times. As he went through the day, he constantly recorded what he had talked to people about, his promises and decisions, etc. 

At the end of the day, he then filled out his diary, paperwork, etc, with the day’s information, answering emails and reconfirming what was said at meetings. In the beginning it drove me mad, having an email of the minutes of every meeting and discussion, but in reality it really focused the mind on what was said, agreed and promised with no ambiguity. Grey areas became a thing of the past; we all knew what was needed and the work was done. 

Working smart is not how you use your computer or other devices, but more about what happens to your data, how you share it and how you use it to improve your work.

McKesson announced as winners of the HMI Leaders Award 2016

McKesson Imaging and Workflow Solutions has been announced as winner of the Major Projects category in the Health Management Institute of Ireland (HMI) Leaders Awards 2016. 

McKesson has been recognised for its work with the HSE in the delivery of the National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS).

Mr Ray Cahill and Mr Michael Fenlon of McKesson, together with Mr Keith Morrissey and Mr Neil O’Hare of the HSE, received the HMI Leaders Award 2016, representing all who have been involved in the delivery and progress of NIMIS since its initiation in 2008. 

The award recognises leaders who are bringing about changes in healthcare, delivering improvements in patient outcomes, enhancing service delivery and improving resource allocation. 

The HMI Leaders Award showcases the commitment, risk and perseverance that teams and individuals display in striving to achieve change.

Mr Denis Doherty, Chair of the National Judging Panel, remarked on the commitment of the teams and people involved. In particular, he emphasised how they are all exemplars of the brave and innovative work that often goes unacknowledged within the health service.

“McKesson and the HSE have worked together with stakeholders across the healthcare continuum to drive transformation in radiology and improve patient outcomes. This collaborative approach between the two organisations and the success of the project overall makes the NIMIS programme stand out as a true leadership project,” commented Mr Doherty.

Mr Ray Cahill, McKesson Territory Vice President of Sales, added: “We are delighted to have won this award amongst a peer group of exemplary providers and initiatives. 

“As a large-scale, national system, NIMIS has highlighted the capabilities of so many people in the public sector. This project is an outstanding application of business technology in the healthcare system, and one for which we are very proud to be the delivery partner.”

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