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Video information to help breast cancer patients

A US technology company, vidscrip, in conjunction with ICORG, the Health Innovation Hub and sponsored by Roche Ireland, is launching its programme on breast cancer to oncologists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals. According to the company’s website, patients forget up to 80 per cent of what their doctor tells them in the clinic. Video prescriptions (vidscrips) can help patients access their consultant’s expertise any time, and share that expertise with others who are unable to attend appointments.

Mr John Brownee CEO, vidscrip

Mr John Brownlee, CEO of vidscrip, is visiting hospitals around the county to highlight the benefit of the platform. He told the Medical Independent (MI) that the videos can improve retention of important information by patients, and help make busy consultants more efficient.

“Oncology treatment regimens can be very complex and this can be a stressful time for patients and caregivers. So a lot of what is communicated between themselves and their care team can get lost in translation. To be able to go home and be asked, ‘what did the doctor say today?’, to be able to relive that together with your family can really have a positive impact on patients, caregivers and consultants,” said Mr Brownlee.

“Internationally, there’s a huge number already using the platform, in the Netherlands, the US, Australia and Ireland.”

He explained the vidscrip platform makes it very simple for consultants to make video prescriptions for their patients using the company’s free iPad app. The videos can then be watched and shared by patients anytime, anywhere, and on any Internet-connected device.

Mr Brownlee also thanked ICORG’S Clinical Leader Dr Ray McDermott and the Health Innovation Hub for their help in managing the programme.

  1. Helene Eagle on February 20, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    John, this would have been so helpful with the 4 surgeries I have had the past 8 years. It is sometimes hard to explain to family and friends and even being able for me to recall all that the doctors said, so this would have helped. My mind would freeze with fear and I just didn’t recall all the information from the doctor I needed. even for me later when I had time to think. Things are getting better now with doctors using the email system/programs to communicate with patients but it can get better. It is great you are taking medical technology to a higher level so communication will be clearer. Helene

  2. John Brownlee on February 19, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    Thank you, James. Consultants interested in participating in the program can email me

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