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The Dorsal View

Privacy or piracy? A fly in the ointment of the Covid-19 tracker app

By Dr Doug Witherspoon | Aug 17, 2020 |

The Dorsal View A round-up of medical news and oddities from left field by Dr Doug Witherspoon The issue of…

Insights on the early days of sports medicine: The ‘Big Jack’ connection

By Dr Doug Witherspoon | Aug 6, 2020 |

The Dorsal View A round-up of medical news and oddities from left field by Dr Doug Witherspoon Unless you have…

Belgium knows how to restart its economy when the chips are down

By sa | Jul 14, 2020 |

And so we move with cautious optimism towards an era that may not yet be described as ‘post-Covid-19’, but could…

Freedom of speech — to a point

By sa | Jun 3, 2020 |

With everything that has been going on with you-know-what, we could be forgiven for shrugging when World Press Freedom Day…

Taking a brief diversion from all things Covid-19 related

By sa | May 13, 2020 |

While there have been no studies released on it yet to my knowledge, anecdotal evidence and common sense would suggest…

What will be the new ‘normal’ when Covid-19 is contained?

By sa | Apr 30, 2020 |

There’s a saying that goes, ‘sometimes the only way around something is to go straight through it’. That would seem…

‘The poison is in the dose’ when it comes to coronavirus ‘cures’

By sa | Apr 21, 2020 |

At the time of writing, there is a slowdown in the rates of Covid-19 diagnoses in a number of countries.…

A beginner’s introduction to loneliness in lockdown

By sa | Apr 10, 2020 |

It’s difficult, even in real-time, to keep abreast of developments with Covid-19. Even daily publications are struggling to keep up…

Strange days indeed — some takeaway points from the Covid-19 crisis

By sa | Mar 31, 2020 |

It’s the only game in town at the moment — there’s no escaping the bug of the century right now…

Paying the ultimate price for telling the truth about the coronavirus

By sa | Mar 20, 2020 |

As the landscape continues to change with regard to Covid-19, conflicting information is emerging around transmission rates, mortalities, etc. Amid…

The gender agenda: Rights or wrongs?

By sa | Mar 9, 2020 |

Let me begin this brief piece by saying genuine, clinically-diagnosed gender dysphoria (GD) is an extremely upsetting and troubling condition…

Which political party will be back-pedalling on promises to cyclists?

By sa | Feb 28, 2020 |

As the dust settles on the general election and deals are being done in smoky rooms, it’s tempting to take…

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