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  • Stock Watch

    Trouble around the corner

    Eagle Eye | 03 May 2012

    Sensing a turnaround in the markets Eagle Eye decides to cash in two of our stocks to maximise profits and provide cashflow to reinvest once the correction is over

  • Stock Watch

    Watching for red alerts

    Eagle Eye | 19 Apr 2012

    The sky has not caved in yet, but with the markets reaching levels not seen since 2007 and earnings season just around the corner, we need to be ready to pounce if any correction arrives, Eagle Eye suggests

  • Stock Watch

    Too late to profit from Apple?

    Eagle Eye | 05 Apr 2012

    As the bull market shows no sign of abating our portfolio is performing well but, while it may be a bit too pricey at the moment, it could pay to take a long-term view on Apple, according to Eagle Eye.

  • Stock Watch

    Watch out for the exit signs

    Eagle Eye | 22 Mar 2012

    It is okay to stay involved while the going is good, but we need to watch out for signals that investors and fund managers are taking their profits and running

  • Stock Watch

    Running with the bulls

    Eagle Eye | 08 Mar 2012

    While it may be time to add some precautionary measures to our portfolio, we are well positioned in the ongoing bull market to build on the gains already made, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Know when to fold them

    Eagle Eye | 23 Feb 2012

    Knowing when to take the money and run is an important part of any investment strategy and now may be a good time to cash in one of stocks, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    The trend is our friend

    Eagle Eye | 09 Feb 2012

    There has been a positive start to the year and following the trend can help investors to maximise profits and minimise risk, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    That same old feeling

    Eagle Eye | 26 Jan 2012

    Eagle Eye suspects it will be another volatile year on the markets, but at least our Dogs are doing well

  • Stock Watch

    Using market volatility to advantage

    Eagle Eye | 12 Jan 2012

    With so much volatility in the markets, Eagle Eye applies some safety mechanisms to the stock portfolio

  • Stock Watch

    Avoiding the euro contagion

    Eagle Eye | 15 Dec 2011

    With no end of the European economic plague in sight, it is heartening to note that our stocks are not overly reliant on Europe for revenue, but there are no guarantees as global signs of contagion appear

  • Stock Watch

    Keeping options open

    Eagle Eye | 01 Dec 2011

    After putting his money where his mouth is Eagle Eye is pleased with the early performance of our portfolio, despite a bumpy start

  • Stock Watch

    The dog days aren’t over

    Eagle Eye | 17 Nov 2011

    Eagle Eye has decided to lead us on an investment journey using the 10 stocks yielding the highest dividends on the Dow Jones Index

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