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  • Stock Watch

    Where will the fall stop?

    Eagle Eye | 01 Nov 2012

    As the long anticipated market decline begins in the historically poor performing months of October and November, Eagle Eye feels it is a good time to sit on the sidelines and assess the year to date

  • Stock Watch

    Sell signals getting stronger

    Eagle Eye | 18 Oct 2012

    Anticipating a strong correction in the markets, and having held much of our portfolio in cash over the summer as a result, Eagle Eye sees signals that our long wait may finally be over

  • Stock Watch

    Markets still defying logic

    Eagle Eye | 04 Oct 2012

    As another round of quantative easing begins in the US and investors once again seek safety in gold, Eagle Eye struggles to make sense of a bullish market built on rocky foundations.

  • Stock Watch

    Are the markets on the turn?

    Eagle Eye | 20 Sep 2012

    September is a notoriousy bad time for the markets, but with all of our stocks hedged for a potential fall in prices, the coming weeks could provide us with opportunities to reinvest our profits, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Olympic gold set to tarnish?

    Eagle Eye | 06 Sep 2012

    As the glory of the Games subsides and summer ends, we are about to enter choppy waters, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Markets defying the odds

    Eagle Eye | 23 Aug 2012

    The S&P index is holding its value remarkably well and we may have to wait a little while longer before reinvesting our cash, but that need not prevent us from looking for bargains, writes Eagle Eye.

  • Stock Watch

    The printing presses keep rolling

    Eagle Eye | 26 Jul 2012

    We have seen a surprising bounce in the S&P index in the last couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean it’s time to loosen the purse strings and reinvest our profits just yet, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Keep calm and carry on

    Eagle Eye | 12 Jul 2012

    With investor sentiment again in a downward trend, Eagle Eye recommends patience and a level head

  • Stock Watch

    Timing the markets is a challenge

    Eagle Eye | Eagle Eye | 28 Jun 2012

    Recent market trends are very similar to those seen in summer 2010 and 2011, which means we may see a further market correction in the coming month

  • Stock Watch

    Good things for those who wait

    Eagle Eye | 14 Jun 2012

    It is time to sit on our cash as we enter the most volatile period in the stock market, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Where do we go from here?

    Eagle Eye | 31 May 2012

    As the markets continue to trend downwards Eagle Eye introduces a new tool used by investors to guage where the pivot points are likely to be.

  • Stock Watch

    Good timing is everything

    Eagle Eye | 17 May 2012

    With the S&P index failing to break the psychological high of 1400, Eagle Eye is pleased at the timing of recent portfolio sales, but is willing to sit tight on our other stocks, except for a gamble on Du Pont.

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