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  • Stock Watch

    The investment tide is turning

    25 Apr 2013

    It is a good time to take profit and wait as investors prepare to ‘sell in May and go away’, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Can stocks be a safer option?

    Eagle Eye | 11 Apr 2013

    Cypriot haircuts and low deposit returns are making stocks more attractive to investors, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Protecting profit in a rising market

    Eagle Eye | 28 Mar 2013

    As the stock exchange continues to perform we should look to protect the gains made in our portfolio before the inevitable period of profit-taking begins, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    The markets need leadership

    14 Mar 2013

    As the SPX reaches five-year highs, the coming weeks should be very interesting, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    The highs keep on coming

    28 Feb 2013

    Despite the fact that the markets seem happy with the economic world and the graphs keep climbing, Eagle Eye argues that we shouldn’t invest just yet as he senses a correction in the coming months.

  • Stock Watch

    Apple sinking in a rising tide

    14 Feb 2013

    Despite the feel-good factor in the US, Apple’s share price has taken a massive hit in recent months, but Eagle Eye suspects that the general upward trend could be hit by a period of profit taking

  • Stock Watch

    Are the highs getting any higher?

    Eagle Eye | 31 Jan 2013

    Although the markets have started the year strong, Eagle Eye takes a cautious approach

  • Stock Watch

    Fiscal cliffs and other such fluff

    Eagle Eye | 17 Jan 2013

    As the American stock market continues to steadily improve, Eagle Eye decides it is time to start looking at the Dogs of the Dow again and pick up some value stocks in Europe too

  • Stock Watch

    Learning the lessons of 2012

    Eagle Eye | 03 Jan 2013

    Eagle Eye reflects on the last 12 months and predicts that 2013 could be a good year for investors

  • Stock Watch

    Time to get back in the game

    Eagle Eye | 13 Dec 2012

    With a slight turnaround after the recent dip in the stability index and positive developments in the US, it is a good time to examine potential ways to invest the cash element of our portfolio, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Retreating from the edge

    Eagle Eye | 29 Nov 2012

    With the so-called American fiscal cliff looming and stock prices falling it is not a time for investing, but it is an opportunity to clear the chaff from our portfolio as we look forward to 2013, writes Eagle Eye

  • Stock Watch

    Time for stealth with our wealth

    Eagle Eye | 15 Nov 2012

    While the presidential election in the US led to some distraction from the real economic issues that drive share prices, the next few weeks should tell us whether the current correction will continue, writes Eagle Eye

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