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    The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks of possible side effects

    27 Oct 2016

    Dear Editor, The significant decrease in the number of adolescent girls receiving the HPV vaccine this year is worrying. This means that more girls are now at risk of developing cancers that can be prevented by this vaccine.

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    Driving the point on alcohol promotion

    24 Jun 2016

    Dear Editor, In light of the recent statistics issued by the Road Safety Authority that found that alcohol was a factor in almost 40 per cent of fatal road incidents, it is truly shocking to see Formula 1 (F1) has agreed a five-year new sponsorship deal with Heineken.

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    Government must make tobacco addiction ‘a thing of the past’

    24 May 2016

    Dear Editor, The Faculty of Public Health Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland is alarmed and deeply concerned at any suggestion that Ireland’s legislation on workplace smoking might be weakened and undermined.

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    Time to modernise form filling

    28 Apr 2016

    Dear Editor, Re Dr Mel Gilmartin’s letter on HSE form filling (Medical Independent, 18 April), may I respectfully advocate the demise of Form ALF/1 in favour of online submission of study leave and holidays.

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    A cunning PCRS plan?

    18 Apr 2016

    Dear Editor, Under their contract, GMS doctors are entitled to claim for annual leave, study leave and part-refund of medical indemnity premium from the HSE PCRS. The payment depends on panel size, a figure well known to the PCRS.

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    Minister Lynch’s ‘pilot scheme’

    18 Apr 2016

    Dear Editor, I note that ex Junior Minister Kathleen Lynch’s expenses were up at circa €25K in 2015 [as revealed in the Medical Independent, 9 April,2016], compared to €20K in 2014.

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    A matter of ‘opinion’

    31 Mar 2016

    Dear Editor, I read with interest the comments of Prof Michael Barry on the front page of the Medical Independent (‘Barry criticises ‘paid opinion leaders’, 3 March 2016) and while I strongly agree with the principle of transparency and declaring conflicts of interest, I feel the reported comments could be misinterpreted as judgemental and intimidating of colleagues who give an honest professional opinion in their field of expertise.

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    Medical vs legal learnings

    03 Mar 2016

    Dear Editor, I read with the interest the legal case ‘Alleged anticoagulation failure’ profiled in the Medical Independent in the 4 February edition . While clearly the case was successfully defended on the basis of adherence to the guidelines and therefore there was no negligence, the article may miss the broader medical issue that a person suffered a possibly preventable stroke resulting in loss of career (a very serious event)

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    Questions and answers in the surgery

    04 Feb 2016

    Dear Editor, Your front page (7 January 2016) describes Dr Amy Morgan as a ‘new GP voice’ and if her article ‘Falling into the Parent Trap’ is an indication of the standard of articles she will be writing, then I for one am looking forward to her having a long and productive career in medical journalism.

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    Open letter to Minister for Health Leo Varadkar from South Tipperary GPs

    25 Jun 2015

    Dear Minister, The undersigned GPs of South Tipperary wish to provide free care to our under-six patients.

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    11 Jun 2015

    Prof Aidan Halligan September 17, 1957-April 27, 2015 Qualified TCD 1984; MB, MA, MD, FRCOG, FFPHM, MRCPI, FRCC

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    Ireland’s ageing population — ensuring supports are in place to help our vulnerable older people

    28 May 2015

    Dear Editor, ALONE is an independent organisation that provides services to those older people who are most vulnerable in our society.

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