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RCGP RoI Faculty is keen to increase membership

Speaking to the Medical Independent (MI) after the meeting, Farranfore GP Dr Eamonn Shanahan, who is Faculty representative of the RoI Faculty at the RCGP, said administrator Ms Claire Kendlin and Provost Dr Dermot Halpin have been working on a strategy plan for the Faculty.

“The twin aims of the strategic plan are to increase the membership and to increase the funding for the Faculty,” said Dr Shanahan.

The main financial outlay for the Faculty involves educational bursaries, he said.

Dr Shanahan told MI the RCGP RoI Faculty has about 600 current and active members but many more GPs in Ireland had let their RCGP membership lapse.

He added: “Virtually every member of the Royal College in Ireland is also a member of the Irish College, and clearly the Irish College is running a very comprehensive education programme. Nevertheless, what we try to do is identify areas of education — little gaps, if you like — that the Irish College might not necessarily be doing. We work closely with the Irish College — there is very close liaison between the two Colleges.”

One of the advantages of membership of RCGP is access to all of its educational resources, said Dr Shanahan.

“We have been very fortunate over the last couple of years — we have had numerous what one would describe as luminaries of the Royal College come to speak to us at different times.”

These have included Dr David Pendleton, Dr Iona Heath, Dr Mike Pringle and Dr Roger Neighbour.

Meanwhile, key developments over the past year have included the acquiring of office space at Tallaght Hospital and the appointment of a new administrator, Ms Kendlin.

Dr Shanahan also revealed that it had been proposed and accepted that Provost Dr Halpin stay on for a fourth year.

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