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Pharma payments to be published this afternoon

ToV data relates to research and development funding including clinical trials support; donations and grants to HCOs (e.g. medical equipment, education and staff etc); contributions to the cost of events (e.g. medical conferences and educational events) for HCOs and HCPs: sponsorship, registration fees and travel and accommodation costs; and fees and related expenses for services and consultancy (e.g. participation in advisory boards etc).

In 2015, the total value for R&D was €9.7 million. ToV to HCOs was €10.7 million, and for HCPs it was €6.8 million.

Details of transfers of value made in 2015 by each member company of IPHA – and some non-member companies voluntarily participating – will be available in an IPHA central report at from 4pm today. Subsequent reports will be published within six months of year end and will be publicly available for three years from date of initial publication.

In order to comply with personal rights under data protection law, consent must be obtained by companies from HCPs for publication of the individual data. In the absence of consent, an aggregate value of transfers of value to non-consenting HCPs is disclosed.

Individuals may grant or withdraw their consent at any time and any change arising will be reflected in the relevant return by each company throughout the year. Such consent is not required from HCOs.

Commenting on the publication of the ToV data, IPHA CEO Mr Oliver O’Connor said: “Interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals have a profound and positive influence on the quality of patient treatment and the value of future research. They have delivered numerous innovative medicines and changed the way many diseases impact on our lives.

“This new level of transparency is designed to assure the public that they can trust their HCPs to recommend treatment or administer appropriate care based solely on clinical evidence. Along with the research based pharmaceutical industry across Europe, Ireland, as represented by IPHA, has today entered this new era of transparency. The commencement of disclosure, which will from now on be an annual event, is a clear demonstration of the pharmaceutical industry is committed to working with healthcare professionals and organisations to drive innovation that benefits patients.”

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