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Over €7m in outstanding private insurance claims at Cork University Hospital

The CUH Executive Management Board heard last May that the hospital had outstanding private insurance claims of €7.3 million. That is according to minutes of the meeting seen by the Medical Independent (MI) following a Freedom of Information request.

The minutes noted that the amount was “very high”.

A hospital spokesperson confirmed to MI that the outstanding amount remained at this level for the rest of last year.

“While the value of outstanding claims might be regarded as high, it is a reflection of the substantial increase in bills raised by Cork University Hospital in the past two years,” said a hospital spokesperson.

“The value of outstanding claims has been in the region of €7 million throughout the year and was just under €7.3 million at 30 November.

“There is no impact on the financial working of the hospital as long as the claims are submitted to the insurers within the prescribed time limits and this is invariably achieved.”

Meanwhile, the spokesperson told MI that the hospital has secured funding to replace one of CUH’s two gamma cameras.

“CUH has two gamma cameras that provide a detailed diagnostic service,” said the spokesperson. 

“As both cameras are near ‘end of life’ capacity, CUH has secured funding to replace initially one camera and this has been purchased. 

“Due to the fact that the new camera is the most up-to-date model available, a refurbishment programme to have the camera installed needs to be completed.  It is anticipated that this will be completed in Q2 [second quarter] 2017.

“The Executive Management Board will work to secure funding for the second replacement camera in 2017.”

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