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DoH examining proposed ethical guidelines for acute setting in pandemic

By Paul Mulholland & David Lynch | May 13, 2020

The Department of Health is looking at newly-proposed draft guidelines for the making of ethical decisions in an acute setting during the current pandemic, this newspaper understands. The document, titled Proposed guidelines for ethical decision-making in an acute setting during the Covid-19 epidemic, was written by Prof Orla Hardiman, Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont…

€21.9m in non-compliant procurement at Beaumont — C&AG report

Bioethics support provided in Covid-19 response – Department

Forum to consult Medical Council on assessing training requirements

General NCHD ‘self-isolation’ before July changeover not currently planned


The role of behavioural science in a pandemic

The deployment of behavioural science is a feature of the public health response to the Covid-19 pandemic both internationally and
in Ireland, writes David Lynch


Should there be widespread Covid-19 testing for healthcare professionals?

May 18, 2020

Annual Healthy Ireland survey suspended because of Covid-19

May 14, 2020

Fronting-up in a crisis – Prof Mary Horgan interview

May 13, 2020

Mental health services tested by Covid-19

May 13, 2020


Dr Muris Houston

A call for intellectual humility


Dr Pat Harrold

When chickens come home to roost


Dr Peadar Gilligan

The beds our patients need

Microscopic haematuria: Update to the AUA guidelines

By Dr Clare O’Connell, Mr Peter Lonergan

Lung cancer and late detection a tale of stigma, shame, and hope

By Dr Una Kennedy, Ms Aine Lyng, Dr Heather Burns, Dr M Saab

Updated NCCP GP breast cancer referral guideline

By Dr Una Kennedy, Ms Niamh Kilgallen, Ms Aine McKenna, Ms Maeve Cusack, Dr Eve O'Toole

Microscopic haematuria: Update to the AUA guidelines

By Dr Clare O’Connell, Mr Peter Lonergan

A talk with… Conor Horgan

Conor Horgan began his career as a photographer, then directed over 70 TV commercials and pop videos before moving on to write and direct drama and documentary films. His most recent film, The Queen of Ireland, broke box office records for an Irish documentary. Something no-one knows about you? I’ve never sat all the way…

How to eat healthy during lockdown

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a London-based cardiologist and I’ve been following him on Twitter for quite a while now, as he is interesting on diet and health. In recent weeks he has been talking about how obesity can affect people unlucky enough to contract Covid-19. He has been doing so by way of that scourge…

ICGP Hepatitis C Conference, ‘The role of Irish general practice in Hepatitis C elimination’

A captured audience

Morgan Flanagan Creagh reviews the Renault Captur Here we are with another motoring review, at a time when doctors are trying to save the world. Apologies if this makes you cringe, like those hearty salutes given to oil mining astronauts in Michael Bay films, but thank you all for your continuing hard work on the…

Taking a brief diversion from all things Covid-19 related


While there have been no studies released on it yet to my knowledge, anecdotal evidence and common sense would suggest ‘Covid fatigue’ is beginning to set in (my term — please take note, WHO). The mainstream media are far from blameless in all of this. Some of the saturation coverage of every minute detail of…

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