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No Olympic connection with rise in Zika cases

As of 23 September the number of Zika cases confirmed in Ireland had risen to 14 “imported, unrelated adult cases”, this newspaper reported earlier this month.

“There appears to be no connection between the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the cases of Zika Virus Disease notified in Ireland,” a Department of Health spokesperson told MI.

“While the largest number of cases connected to any one country is three from Brazil, the 14 cases are spread over nine different American and Caribbean countries. 

“The numbers appear to reflect the relative numbers of people travelling between Ireland and the affected countries rather than any individual event.”

The Irish response to Zika is being co-ordinated at a national level by the Health Threats Co-ordination Group, which is scheduled to next meet on 30 November. 

Last month the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) Emergency Committee on Zika “congratulated Brazil on their successful application of appropriate public health measures during the Olympic Games”. It noted “that there have been no reports of confirmed cases of Zika virus among people who attended the Games, both during the Games and since their return. 

“The lack of cases supports the conclusions of the risk assessment regarding the Olympic Games made during the third EC meeting.”

The Zika virus outbreak and its associated congenital and other neurological disorders continues to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), as declared by the WHO. 

  1. Adam Neira on October 28, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Perhaps for Ireland but not for the world.

    As predicted, the Rio 2016 Summer Games definitely DID accelerate spread of the global Zika+ virus pandemic.

    THE WORLD: At least 102 countries have cases of imported Zika+ virus. Symptomatic & Asymptomatic. (To 30th Sep. Since then?

    BRAZIL still the gold medallist of the Zika+ outbreak.8000+ babies 2015> w. Zika+ caused severe Microcephaly. (Live Births, Miscarriages & Abortions)

    THE WORLD: 23 countries reporting Zika+ virus caused GBS. (To 30th sep. Since then ?)

    THE WORLD: 63 countries with local trans, via infected mozzies, of the Zika+ virus. (To 30th Sep. Since then?)

    The severe & negative mutation of the “old” Asian strain of the Zika virus happened in NE Brazil in late 2014.

    Representation of the #Zika+ virus spread from NE Brazil post late 2014. (42 km/day average speed.)

    “Increasing Genetic Diversity of the Zika Virus in the Brazilian Outbreak”

    FACT : On Oct. 30th 2015 I first warned publically of the dangers to the world of the Zika+ virus outbreak in Brazil !

    I am used to being ahead of the curve on key global issues. What will unfold with the global Zika+ pandemic now?

    Stay tuned…

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