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    Getting the foot through the medical door

    David Lynch | 15 Nov 2018

    Is studying medicine severely limited to those who can afford it? David Lynch talks to trainees, new entrants and experienced doctors about university access, class representation and financial challenges

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    Planning the way forward for dementia services

    David Lynch | 15 Nov 2018

    It is four years since the National Dementia Strategy was launched and a recent review looks closely at possible models for diagnostic pathways in Ireland. David Lynch reports

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    Doing good by reducing harm

    Megan Kavanagh | 15 Nov 2018

    Harm reduction involves a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing the negative consequences associated with drug use. Megan Kavanagh examines the concept and speaks with CEO of the Ana Liffey Drug Project Mr Tony Duffin about how harm reduction offers a humane approach to assist some of the most vulnerable people in society

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    Caring for patients with diabetes in the community

    Niamh Cahill | 15 Nov 2018

    The 11th Diabetes in Primary Care Conference held in Cork heard calls from clinicians for a national diabetes registry to help improve diabetes care in Ireland. Niamh Cahill reports on several planned developments for patients with the chronic disease discussed at the conference

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    Learning from the Great Flu 100 years on

    Dr Georgina Laragy | 15 Nov 2018

    Glasnevin Trust Assistant Professor in Public History and Cultural Heritage, School of Histories and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin, Dr Georgina Laragy (PhD) reports from a recent conference on the flu of 1918-19 and asks what can be learned from the devastating pandemic

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    Challenging culture in the HSE?

    Catherine Reilly | 05 Nov 2018

    The HSE’s Values in Action initiative is tasked with delivering widespread ‘culture change’ within the organisation, but the project has both its supporters and its sceptics. Catherine Reilly reports

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    Dublin in time of cholera

    05 Nov 2018

    In an extract from his new book on the history of St James’s Hospital, Prof Davis Coakley and Mary Coakley describe the outbreak of cholera of 1849 and how Dublin’s health authorities struggled to cope with the epidemic

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    When gaming becomes more than a game

    Ja Wei Lee | 05 Nov 2018

    Ja Wei Lee examines the issue of gaming addiction, and asks experts whether it is a meaningful psychological condition and, if so, how it can be treated

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    Assessing Time to Move On

    Paul Mulholland | 05 Nov 2018

    A new HSE review identifies the challenges involved in ensuring people with disabilities from congregated settings can move to their own homes. Paul Mulholland reports

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    A life in brain surgery

    Prof Denis Gill | 05 Nov 2018

    Henry Marsh is becoming introspective and reflective in his peri-retirement practice. But, as always, his stylus eminently complements his scalpel. Added to that, he is a riveting storyteller, compiler of clinical anecdotes, exemplar of incisive wisdom and a colleague one would love to share dinner and memories with. No wonder his two books have been bestsellers. Marsh is very frank about himself, the book being titled and he is not shy on personal confessions and omissions.

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    Data on death — the complex task of assessing mortality

    Paul Mulholland | 25 Oct 2018

    Following recent moves in the UK to examine ‘avoidable deaths’, Paul Mulholland analyses Ireland’s approach to publishing mortality data and asks whether assessing deaths is a good way of measuring the quality of a hospital

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    Cold comfort as healthcare staff and patients weathered the storms

    Paul Mulholland | 25 Oct 2018

    Paul Mulholland casts an eye over the manner in which hospitals and emergency services responded to the severe snowfall and cold weather earlier this year

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