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    A question of capacity

    Catherine Reilly | 05 Jul 2018

    The Health Service Capacity Review promised to deliver clarity to Ireland’s healthcare needs. However, the Review appears to have raised as many questions as answers. Catherine Reilly reports

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    The corporatisation of general practice

    Niamh Cahill | 05 Jul 2018

    Due to a lack of State support, some GPs are opting to enter into partnership and acquisition agreements with large healthcare companies. As corporate bodies continue to seek deals with GPs, Niamh Cahill asks what impact privatisation will have on patients and the future delivery of healthcare

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    All the lonely people

    David Lynch | 05 Jul 2018

    Loneliness is a health epidemic, according to a new report from a special Taskforce. David Lynch speaks to members of the Taskforce about how to co-ordinate a public policy response to the problem

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    Driving into an unknown future

    David Lynch | 21 Jun 2018

    Self-driving cars are no longer the stuff of sci-fi, with the vehicles potentially rolling-out globally in the coming years. David Lynch looks at the possible health impact of the technology

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    An investment worth making?

    David Lynch | 21 Jun 2018

    Private investment into Irish healthcare was one of the topics discussed at the recent Future Health Summit. David Lynch reports

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    Destroying the old taboos — getting patients active in tackling OAB

    Paul Mulholland | 21 Jun 2018

    Paul Mulholland speaks to Prof Barry O’Reilly about the problems of overactive bladder and stress incontinence and the importance of raising awareness about these issues

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    From here to maternity: Advice and management in pre-conception

    Danielle Barron | 21 Jun 2018

    There are many factors to consider to ensure women planning a pregnancy are in optimal health, writes Danielle Barron

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    The long road to equality

    Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon | 21 Jun 2018

    Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon outlines the challenges still facing female doctors and why she decided to establish the Women In Medicine in Ireland Network

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    RCSI celebrates Cultural Diversity Month

    Ali Rifai, Medical Student | 21 Jun 2018

    Medical student Ali Rifai shares his experience of the College’s celebration of cultural diversity for students and staff

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    The battle to reduce self-harm

    Niamh Cahill | 07 Jun 2018

    Rates of self-harm presentations to hospital emergency departments (EDs) are increasing. But only one-fifth of people who self-harm present to the ED and, of those who do present, 13 per cent leave without being seen. Niamh Cahill reports

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    A surgical pioneer on two fronts

    Bette Browne | 07 Jun 2018

    Dr Edward Hallaran Bennett is best known in medical history for his eponymous fracture. In her series on the legacies of Irish doctors, Bette Browne also explores his pioneering role in introducing antiseptic techniques to Ireland

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    Dissecting the response on sodium valproate

    Catherine Reilly | 28 May 2018

    With public health authorities’ approaches to patient safety events under huge scrutiny, the issue of sodium valproate exposure in pregnancy again highlights inherent flaws in health structures. Catherine Reilly reports

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