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NAGP urges Government to push ahead with Alcohol Bill

In recent months health groups have criticised delays in passing the Bill, with some public health experts raising concerns over the intensity of lobbying by the alcohol industry.

The NAGP has urged the Government “not to bow to pressure from private interests”.

“Family doctors see, first-hand, the troubling consequences of alcohol abuse on young people and the associated social problems,” said Dr Emmet Kerin, NAGP President.

“Three people died each day in 2013 as a result of drinking alcohol. The statistics are harrowing. This is an important bill, legislating for the first time on alcohol consumption as a public health measure.

“As healthcare professionals in the community, we recognise the importance of this bill. The Government must resist the pressures of private interests who would seek to put profit from alcohol sales ahead of the public interest.

“Our health system is overwhelmed. Health promotion initiatives such as the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill are critical to reducing preventable diseases and keeping patients well.”

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